List of contents

It is recommended that chapters be read in the order presented because the wisdom revealed in them tends to progressively evolve.

 The Author

 The Authors Statement of Faith

 Introduction ...


 Our Great Creator, the Glorious King

The Almighty Word, the Lord of lords

 The Kingdom of Light ........


 The Most Precious Jewel of Faith

 The Dark Treasure Chest of Mind  

 The Sparkling White Pearls of Wisdom

 The Golden Wedding Band of Self-Surrender

 The Jewel of Perfect Rest .

 The Garlanded Gems of Virtue

 The Golden Crown of Truth

 Scented Fragrances of Worship - learn about the secret place .....

 The White Robe of Righteousness

 The Children of the Promise

 The Mighty Scepter of Judgment 

 A Prophetic Message to the Churches - a special message to you......

 Map of the Old Greek Empire




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Revelations on the ancient Name of God using ancient Hebrew



A prophetic vision that discloses the name of the beast, the countries in his Northern Army, various global catastrophes etc.



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 God is Love and

His Holy Spirit is All Truth.

Love is the fulfillment of the soul in the vision of Truth.

Love is manifested in a pure heart, in its own awareness of spiritual being.

Only Truth knows Love and together they become the two trees of eternal life.

Dwell in love to dwell in God, - love knows no fear and with it you can be bold and

confident on the Day

of the Lord's return,

for with Love, you

will be as He is.