The Final Tribulation

"And I took the little book from out of the angel's hand and ate it up; and it was in my mouth as sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter." Revelation 10:10.

 Anyone who has the 'testimony of Jesus has the Spirit of Prophecy' according to Revelation 19:10 and although the prophecies which are uttered through a person's mouth may initially appear to be sweet or helpful to its hearers because it pre-warns them of future events, once those words have been digested they will be left with bitterness inside. This phenomena is unlike anyone who preaches the love, mercy and kingdom of God.

A prophet of doom will therefore inevitably be frowned upon and his words will be sour.

Know that the battle is already won through the cross of Calvary for all those who believe that Christ Jesus is Lord and have taken Him as their personal Savior!

He has already overcome all things for us and all we need to do now, is to rest and live in His word for this is what faith is and all the Scriptural promises will be materialized in our lives, including healing, prosperity, freedom, miracles, signs and wonders etc. for these things follow believers.

A full restoration is promised to each believing individual and corporately to His Church or Body, (which is governed by the Holy Spirit's anointing).

It is this anointed church that will be raptured-up to the Lord in the heavens before God's wrath is poured on to the world. His faithful are now shedding their old vexations of spirit, their old carnal selves through a transformation of their minds in preparation to be received by Him.

"Put away your earthy cares and lay down your human burdens; strip off your weak nature and set aside the anxieties that vex you, and be ready to depart quickly from this life." 2 Esdras 14:14 (Apocrypha)

The collective global-anointing on individuals (i.e. the anointed church) is the dedicated and compassionate "Restrainer of evil" in the world and of God's wrath mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The born-again, Spirit-filled people will be raptured (i.e. from the Greek "to take-up or capture-up.") before the tribulation for God's wrath is not reserved for those who love and trust in Him.

We are in Goshen now (i.e. in a waiting and hoping phase) waiting for the Day of Christ (Anointed One) vs. the Day of the Lord. He will collect all that is His (i.e. the anointing) to Himself. He said: "Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man." Luke 21:36

According to 2 Thessalonians 2:3 "the departure" or rapture of the church will occur first and then the 'evil man' (Gog/Antichrist) will be revealed and then the tribulation will follow.

The rapture can occur anytime now, be ready…



There are no righteous personalities

The need for a global cleansing

Universal Preparations

The birth of the new golden age

Natural cataclsmic catastrophes

Latter Day Life

The Global Battle

The Seven Seals

The Northern Army

The commonality of names of countries in the Northern Alliance

The Beastly Dictator

The name of the beast 

Why Old Greece?

Map of the Old Greek Empire

The start and spread of war

Who are the key players

The Nations

The Global Village

A golden age for the new world

The new temple of heart

The Spiritual Banquet



There are no righteous personalities

"There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one." Romans 3.9

There are very few "really" righteous people in the world at any time; in fact, many cities, villages and towns do not have any at all. This is a major quandary when you think about it. Israel with all her different religious factions from strict orthodoxy to those of modern liberality cannot even produce one person who is considered to be righteous, by God and Judaism after all, is only a reflection of the other faiths. Therefore, all the different sects, denominations and factions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc are in the "same sinking boat."

Why have we gone so wrong? Each group believes that their way is the only right way, however, none has bothered to see or acknowledge God in every action or way, let alone in other people (neighbors), nor in themselves. Without spiritual wisdom, there cannot be so-called "right actions," for they will all be assumed to be done in illusion by the vestiges of ignorance (egos). We mistakenly take the carnal flesh to be our reality,

"Search through her public places, to find even one who lives uprightly and seeks to be faithful, and I will pardon her (Jerusalem)." Jeremiah 5.1

Without the Holy Spirit, there can be no holiness; only His actions are considered to be righteous and are not identified-with, by the witnessing intellect.


Creation is like a dream and because the Holy Presence fills the universal dream, its Creator can be found within every speck of it. If He was not here now, where could anyone go to locate His Love. They would have to step out of creation, think about it!

When God searches the treasure troves of our hearts, what He commonly finds is the symbol of the dollar and our inclinations and motives towards achieving other personal interests or idols. Has anyone really emptied their dark cavern to fill it with His golden Presence and Name? One's 'whole' heart needs to be for Him.


The real righteous one's are people who have made their faith and trust in God into a way of life and live to do what is good in the Eyes of God for He leads them. They retain a "fear" that God will distance Himself from them if they backslide and they also know that their Divine Father will always protect them and their immediate surroundings if they remain faithful to Him. "Trust in the Lord completely with all your being and strength."

Even more rare, is the spiritually mature man (Hebrews 5.14) who can "discern" reality from unreality and who alone, is "qualified to direct and teach" the lost sheep what "righteousness" really means. Discernment is direct understanding.


A spiritually mature intellect is like a tiny diamond in a mountain of dead rock; a needle in a haystack: "We uplift into grades of wisdom whom we will. And there is one knowing above every one else endued with knowledge." The Koran, Joseph 70-80

This Reference is much more profound in meaning than it appears to be at first glance. It does not refer to a "knower" per-se, it distinctly refers to a "One Knowing" above every one endued with knowledge. "Knowing" the "known" and also the "Knower" as one homogenous Unit is a "Knowing" which is Divine Truth, the Life Blood of creation."

If a man (intellect) is enlightened or perfected, how much more of a boon it is for all, for Scripture tells us, that "the entire universe will rejoice" when that occurs for the Light that fills him is the glory of the Lord.


Many civilizations have disappeared from the face of the earth because they followed their own degraded traditional, personal or communal-values, which completely disregarded Truth. When God brings judgement on a community it ceases to exist like Sodom and Gomorah.

Soon the entire sinful world, will be facing similar dire consequences, according to Scripture:

"How many communities have We destroyed and visited with Our vengeance in their homes by night or as they slept by day." The Koran, The Heights 2-10.


People do not know that the "good" they try to do is part of evil-duality for they continually take themselves to be "performers" and achievers in their own right and minds. They have been deluded into becoming "good-egos" and are "not considered innocent" because, their motives and reasons are founded in self-centered untruth.

There is always a prevailing ambiguity in regards to what is "right or wrong" for there are many shades of grey in between black and white. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse, for we have natural access to it through our consciences and God always waits for people to seek and ask in any event! His Laws are universal e.g. even the robber does not want to be robbed, the murderer could not stand infidelity form his wife etc. etc.


If humanity had the proper where-with-all with their type of "good;" wars, greed, hate, famine, disease and destruction of the environment etc. could never have been a concern at any time. Worldly acts can only be "shadows" of good, the "real good" must be found through spiritual inquiry, prayer and devotion, because, these acts are deemed to be good, by the Lord. However, if we wish to continue to live as "infidels" we will only prolong our suffering and that is why Jesus tells us to: "Love your enemies, do good to those that hate you, bless those that curse you, pray for those that mistreat you. If someone strikes you, offer you other cheek. If someone steals your cloak offer him your tunic as well..... If you love those that love you, or do good to those that are good to you; what credit is it to you?" Luke 6.27


All man's "undoing" has always resulted from his own "doing or not doing;" it has never been God's! - "Do not say: "God gave us this delusion." You dream you are the doer, You dream that action is done, You dream that action bears fruit. It is your ignorance." Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5

Even during the "final conflict i.e. the period of global tribulation" people will have the opportunity to be saved, provided they turn and call-out to Jesus Christ by Name. We should never say that we couldn't control our minds or our thoughts; realize once and for all, that it is none other than our own "delusions" that says this while they (i.e. thoughts and beliefs) take themselves to be the "thinkers." That is the work of the inner enemy in mankind and not the real you.

Look for the water in the waves, look for the Truth within the agitation's of yourself. Everything can only be seen as being separate, by "ideas of separateness." Favor the Aura of Truth with all your attention when acting out your life and everything will be in harmony.

The Koran says that: "The Light must go before us" when we walk (act); shift your focus so to discern the living-consciousness in you vs thoughts, feelings and emotions. Jesus said 'I am life and that life is the light of men' and 'in Him we live and move and have our being.'


The need for a global cleansing

"The days are at hand and also the fulfilment of every vision." Ezekiel 12.24

The rapid escalation of sin through ignorance will culminate in a "Day of the Lord," a day of reckoning for every evil on the face of the earth. "It will be a time to punish and destroy those who destroy mother earth" and her inhabitants and it will be effected by Divine Law, which will be triggered by the escalation of evil to a predetermined level.

"The world has lost its youth, and time is growing old. For the whole of time is in twelve divisions; nine divisions and one half of the tenth have already passed and only two and a half still remain." 2 Esdras 14.11

Please note that if we logically allocate one division for the forthcoming golden age, the "last days" are already here.


The prophet Ezekiel received various visions of what had been occurring during his time and also what was yet to transpire in the world; his visions provide a general overview of man's inherent failure to shrug-off his personal beliefs and habits before the world enters the next "golden age."

Ezekiel 8 specifically addresses the failings of humankind through the errors and delusions of his own kindred, the Jews:

 Firstly, the prophet saw his people venerating an idol of envy, "a statue of jealousy" when looking at the north-gate from within the temple of Jerusalem and it means that the intellect looks to its more affluent neighbours (nations) through the eyes of envy (ego).

As a consequence, Scripture says that through that same force (ie. envy or jealousy), Israel's northern neighbours will attack her lands from her northern boundaries. Envy is a door (boundary) through which evil infiltrates; even nations reap what they sow.

 Secondly, inside the temple, Ezekiel saw: "Seventy Jewish elders worshipping figures of creeping things and loathsome beasts." These creatures represent: "All the idols of the house of Israel" and are symbolic of the "pestilence" of desires, fears and the disgusting beasts of hate, greed, anger, lust etc. that emotionally disfigure the intellects and hearts of every human-being.

In Acts 10, we are informed that the apostle Peter saw a similar vision: "All kinds of four-footed animals, reptiles of the earth and birds of the air on a large sheet that came down from heaven." These were all metaphors of the characteristics of the personalities of the Gentiles (nations). Insects are "regimented " creatures that are clothed in natural armour and therefore, represent invading soldiers from different countries. Other References have used the analogy of swarms of locusts to describe airborne invaders.


 The third vision that Ezekiel saw was of various women worshipping the god of fertility named "Tammuz" who represents the idol of vanity and lust. Scripture implies that the repercussions for this act, are physical disfigurement and the loss of the lives of women and children, through pestilence, disease and war.


 Ezekiel's final vision was of "approximately twenty five men" with their backs turned to the Lord's temple bowing down to the sun. They represent the twenty-four principles of creation, which had abandoned their own essential Source for the allurements of the material world that they had helped to shape with their own hands (actions) through the power of ignorance (Satan). They worshipped the light of their own creation and the repercussions for doing so, are widespread natural calamities.

In the Book of Revelation these twenty-four elders eventually come to recognise their folly and place their crowns at the Lord's holy feet, to worship Him.


Like the rest of humanity, the Israelites will also remain deluded to the very end and Jeremiah 9.24 sums this all-up beautifully as follows: "I will demand an account of all those circumcised in the flesh. For all alike, the nations and Israel are uncircumcised in heart."

Many ethnic cultures use physical circumcision as a symbol of faith to God, but very few are prepared to rid themselves of their appendage of a false personality with all its likes and dislikes.

It is interesting to note that the popularity of circumcision in the West began in the early 1960's for health reasons and is still very common today.


God's warnings are not meant to be gentle, they are "meant to burn" the overgrowth of proud-conceit in the hearer, so that he will refrain from ignoring his True Life Support, his Real Self.


Universal Preparations

On the personal level, manifestations of wisdom and love are sometimes felt as joyous-insights, flutters, tingles, heat, ecstatic emotion, dizziness etc. and many times this movement or sensation is felt along the seven spiritual centres in the subtle body, namely, in the areas of the medulla, heart, throat, abdomen, brain, between the eye-brows, and coccyx.


At the "individual level," these subtle-centres are the "seven churches and candlesticks" of John's Revelation, whereas on the "global level" they are cities located in Asia Minor (Western Turkey) but in fact, represent the seven major religions of the world.

Each centre is under the control of an angel, which in Hinduism is called a "Rishi." Each is an intersection for the stream of life (Word/Prana) within the subtle-body and has a specific function to perform and can be viewed as being our subtle inner-organs of higher consciousness. Each inner-organ is progressively purified through meditations, virtuous actions, prayer, wisdom and devotion and specific truths and powers are accorded, as each centre is purified.

Revelation likens the angels to stars and Exodus 25.33 tells us that each centre is: "Shaped like an almond blossom with calyx and petals." Interestingly, the Vedas describes them as resembling "lotus blossoms."

Combined the seven candlesticks and centres form a candelabra with seven candles and these chakras need to be purified, so that man (intellect) can attain higher grades of consciousness and understanding, for it is within those same states of Truth or Vision, that he comes to reside as he develops spiritually. Their purification ultimately culminates in Self-Realisation, - seeing God's Holy Face.

Fools that we are, we do not realise that all we perceive, appears only in our minds as shadow-reflections of intelligence cast by the dim-wicks of our own candlesticks.


Revelation 2 and 3 contain the instructions given by the Divine Witness (the Lord) to each of the angels who preside over the seven cities. Each city (religion) has its own peculiar problems and the instructions are forewarning to the inhabitants in those areas (creeds), of the impending widespread disaster that is occur to bring about a higher level of "global consciousness" in the world, i.e. the next golden age which is to be led by the Lord Incarnate.

The instructions also apply to the individual intellect and the following represents a summary of them. I believe these churches are the reflection of the different stages of Christianity over the last two centuries.

 -The angel of the City of Ephesus is told that he has "lost his early love and to think from what height he has fallen." The first commandment is implied and "inquiry and devotion" is suggested to develop "discernment" to overcome ignorance. The reward for correcting this problem by the followers of this religion is the right to eat from the Tree of Life, ie. to manifest eternal bliss or love.

 -The angel of Smyrna is told to remain faithful and bear the slander from others, in order to receive the crown of life, i.e. immortality. Detachment is implied.

 -The angel presiding over Pergumum is told that he (ie. the congregation) ate food sacrificed to idols. They identified with personalised actions driven by envy, desire, lust or greed and furthermore, he fornicated (identified) directly with those Self-consuming impulses creating beastly physical actions. Scripture says that this city is the home of the "coiled serpent."

If the various weaknesses are overcome in this city (religion), intellects (or the people residing there) are fed "manna or understanding" to overcome their "identifications to actions." As part of the reward, the intellect that overcomes will secure a white stone, with a new name that will be only known to him. From another prophecy we know that the new name is "Separation" (ie. from illusion) replacing the old name, "Possession or Attachment."

 -The angel of Thyatira (i.e. the people who follow this religion) has/have been led astray by sensory wickedness (portrayed by Jezebel the prophetess) and is/are cautioned about impulsive emotions and thoughts. The reward for overcoming them brings authority over the nations (actions) and the Star of Dawn (discernment of the Soul and wisdom of the sacred mysteries through the holy Witness).

 -The angel of Sardis is told to awaken for he is identified with something that "thinks" it is alive (personality), he is told to walk in goodness, "unpolluted" in order to receive white robes of righteousness. Many believe they are the doers of action and live to perform good or noble deeds in their communities through their churches. Ultimately it must be seen that all is a grace of God's and we can not really do anything without Him.

"They have moved-out of the shadow of this world and have received shinning robes from the Lord." 2 Esdras 2.39

 -For not disowning the Word's Holy Name, the angel of Philadelphia will be sheltered from the ordeals that are to befall the world in the final days. Believers who are victorious in overcoming these faults, will be given the Name of God, the new name of the City of Jerusalem (heart) and the new name of the Word written upon them.

I believe this is the church that will be raptured pre God's wrath.

Zechariah 8.3 provides us with one of the new names: "Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth." This is a significant revelation for us, because it directly implies that "Truth" is the primary manifested Quality of the next Divine Incarnation (Messiah) and His City of Purity is Consciousness wherein, God will manifests Himself as Love.


 -The angel of Laodicea believes in (relies on) material wealth and is a wretch, poor, blind and naked. This religion has sought to get ahead and promote its creed and doctrines through material wealth. Followers here are advised to repent, to buy wisdom from the Holy Witness (gold refined in fire) and perform right actions to develop the key virtues which will enable them to see "truly."

The concluding paragraph to this section of Scripture addresses each of us as "reflecting-intellects" and directs us to "listen" for His voice in order to gain victory and secure a place on His throne with Him. The role of the intellect is to share in the Lord's (or inner-Self's Glory, Christ in us); universal consciousness is implied.


"To him who is victorious, to him who perseveres in doing my will till the end, I will give authority over nations..... and I will give him also the Star of Dawn" Revelation. 2:29


Zechariah 3-4 describes the seven chakras as: " The eyes of the Lord (Word) ranging over the whole earth" and were also said to be: "seven facets of the stone," which represents, the "hardened" heart-centre.

Joshua represented the priestly intellect in this Reference from Zechariah, who with Zerubbabel (the anointed builder of the holy temple): "Remove the stone called Possession which men acclaim its beauty, and replace it with the stone called Separation." It is interesting to note that the name of "Jesus" in essence comes from "Joshua."


The birth of the new golden age

Revelation 12 describes a Divine Birth in universal consciousness: "A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head was a crown of twelve stars. She was with child and laboured to give birth."

This woman is symbolic of the Divine Mother (Divine Life) and because She is clothed in the light of the sun, She reflects the Glory of the Most High and is to give birth to His Light in the world. A new Incarnation of the Divine Body (Church) of Christ: "will shepherd all the nations."


The Divine Church (of Jesus Christ) was free of the effects of illusion (lies), it was and is without sin and possesses all the supernatural powers, - this is the symbolism of the moon under the Mother's feet.

Christ(Anointed One and His Anointed Church) will be the Master of the world, the King of kings (intellects individually and collectively) and His return will usher-in, the world's next "golden age" for effectively, His death on the cross was for our sins and our sanctification through His Holy Spirit.

This Reference then proceeds to say, that at that time, the ancient dragon (Satan) will try to devour the Royal Child, but, it will be to no avail, because God will protect him: "The child is caught up with God and to His throne. Then a war is waged in heaven (universal consciousness) and the dragon and his minions are hurled down to earth."

The old self-seeking consciousness of the world, which has been steeped in traditions of error and evil, will try to survive and enter into the golden age, but God will not permit it to.



Revelation 12 tells of a 'pregnant woman clothed with the sun (anointing of the Holy Spirit) with the moon (reflected self-delusions, sin, evil, two-faced, or double-minded-darkness) under her feet who gives birth to a male child that will rule the earth with an iron sceptre.

The dragon stood in front of the woman ready to devour the holy Child the moment he is born, but the child is 'snatched-up' (raptured) to God and 'His Throne' the moment he is born.'

I believe the glorious woman represents the present-day Body of Christ (Anointed One) which is His anointed Church or Bride. (viz Husbands love your wives as your own bodies)

This body is not only made up of believers from the numerous Christian denominations but of people from all nations, tribes and languages who have received His anointing through hearing His Word and receiving His Touch. (Those who have learned from the Father come to me).

Moreover because Verse 17 specifies 'that the rest of her offspring are those who obey God's Commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus' and these are those whom the dragon wared against there is no doubt in my mind who she depicts.

In the Apocrypha, 2 Esdras 9-10 depicts her as 'Mother Zion' and later as the 'New Jerusalem.'

I believe this woman is the church of Philadelphia (Rev 3) which in the Greek means 'brotherly love' or fellowship through the Holy Spirit, who will 'be spared God's wrath and for whom the door is opened in heaven' (Rev 3:7 & 4:1)and is now ready to give birth to a new body (form or dimension of high spiritual truth, holiness and righteousness) which not only resembles the Lord Himself but has His Power flowing through it.

(His Word tells us that 'we will be changed into His likeness when we see Him,' -I take this to mean both corporately and individually).

The Lord will appear to all those who are part of His Anointed Body and they will be raptured-up to Him before the tribulation. They will learn from Him in heaven while the 7 year tribulation is poured on the earth. They are the 'sea of crystal clear glass' (transparency of heart) which John saw before the Throne described in the next chapter.

The succeeding church that remains on earth after the first rapture, I believe is the 'Church of Laodicea' which means 'justice of the people' and this also fits.

The first rapture is coming soon, believers are not meant for the wrath of God; -get all your brethren ready, tell them that not only do they have to hold on to what they have but also, to progressively improve on their righteousness, charity, holiness etc. during this interim time. The 'Restrainer' (Anointed Body or Church) is about to leave the scene and the devil will be cast down from his heavenly abode at the same time.

"Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man." Luke 21:36



The battle in the heavens (universal consciousness) brings on the "tribulation" for the people in the world, because, the forces of evil lose control of the universal kingdom to become powers of wickedness, terror and destruction working through physical manifestations (in the natural realm).

The masses on earth will be controlled through their aggressive national incentives and it is obvious from the above Reference, "this lower heaven" is not "the kingdom of power, joy, love, peace, righteousness which is found in the anointing of the Holy Ghost," nor could it be a paradise, if the devil was there. Scripture tells us that a new heaven is to be reproduced along with the new earth.


Natural cataclsmic catastrophes

"The earth will burst asunder, the earth will be shaken apart, the earth will be convulsed, the earth will reel like a drunkard and it will sway like a hut." Isaiah 24.19

Although Scripture tells us of our interior mysteries, it also reflects exterior eventualities as pre-warnings to everyone. Note that the Lord has always pre-warned His prophets throughout history of coming calamities.

Scripture provides us with details of these catastrophic eventualities from three different perspective's, namely, the universal, the global and the individual. We could not have an adequate understanding of what is to occur without looking at that broader-view.

What has come to me in this regard and has also been indicated to me from various other unexpected sources is this: Mother Nature will be in agony in the latter days and will respond with earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions fairly frequently creating "chasms of fire in many areas." Climatic conditions will dramatically change and these will significantly impact on our food supplies. Famines, disease and pestilence will become wider-spread.

"O ye folk! Fear your Lord. Verily, the earthquake of the Hour is a mighty thing. On that day, every suckling woman shall be scarred away from that which she gave suck; and every pregnant woman shall lay down her load; and thou shall see men drunken, though they be not drunken: but the torment of God is severe." The Koran, the Pilgrimage

The massive earthquake that the different prophets and religions refer to is caused by the earth flipping-off its axis perhaps back onto to its original position (Genesis 1). It will lay low all the mountains and move all the islands from their places, many lands and countries that were previously above water will sink below and vice versa. Nations which have historically indiscriminately poisoned the environment without trying any remedies to reverse the effects, will suffer the most.

"I will shake the heavens and the earth shall remove out of her place." Isaiah 13:13


Revelation 8:7-11 describes widespread destruction by fire causing a third of the earth, trees and green grass to be destroyed.

The first three angels sounding their trumpets also cause a third of the life in the seas to be destroyed and a third of all drinking water in rivers and fountains of the world, to become foul (wormwood). It is going to get very hot and the heat will melt glaciers and evaporate seas, rivers and springs to re-form a layer of water in the heavens.

"Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water. So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it." Genesis 1:6

I believe that the world changed its axis at the flood of Noah when all the heavenly water was poured on the earth. One of the angels has a 'rainbow' about him which seems to suggest it has to do with God's promise ( after the flood) that he would not flood the earth again.

We should also realise that some of these things are already occurring; forests are continually being decimated especially in the third world countries; oceans and seas are becoming more and more polluted and some areas cannot sustain life and even the drinking water in various countries is now contaminated with pesticides, nuclear waste etc. causing disease. Global warming and depletion of the ozone layer are upon us.

There are many people on earth and in heaven praying about these problems; that is the significance of the: "thunderings, lightnings and a major earth quake when the censer is cast to earth and whose incense went-up with the prayers of the saints before the Throne." Revelation 8:4

The seas/oceans (also the symbol of many peoples, languages and tribes) will disappear according to Scripture and perhaps their evaporation, will be the cause of the realignment of the earth on its axis.


I have also been inspired to write about the moon in the final days because it is the symbol of the universal-ego and the earth is representative of the corrupted universal heart-centre. Both will be catastrophically affected.

A close friend of ours had been receiving vivid dreams of "the end times" and one day, when I was approaching this section of the work, he contacted me to recount a particular dream he had experienced the night before, which had left him in quite an emotional state. He saw the planet Pluto exploding and its debris crashing into our moon setting it on fire.

The moon already has many scars and craters on its surface from the impact of asteroids. Its atmosphere is too thin to give it any protection in this regard and his vision could therefore be a definite possibility, regardless of whether the asteroids originate from Pluto or some other heavenly body far out in another galaxy. Stars in other galaxies often explode and their missiles could already be on their way to us.

I received a glimpse of people all around the world who were in a state of utter-panic regardless of whether they were in Europe, Asia, Africa or anywhere else, they could not escape the terrifying sight of the inflamed moon and smoke-filled sky, before their eyes. "Surely they would have to turn their hearts to God then," I thought to myself, "but will they still have time to do so?"

These asteroids will also hit the world! Revelation 9:1 says: "And the fifth angel sounded and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth.


Scripture talks of these natural catastrophes as "definite eventualities." Revelation 6.12 tells us that: "The moon will go as red as blood and the sun will be turned black as a funeral pall" and of earthquakes and darkness engulfing the earth. The Koran (the Smoke) adds further support in this regard: "The heaven shall give out a palpable smoke which shall enshroud mankind."

Will all those affluent cities in the world that rely on nuclear power stations, ironically become new "Chernobels," after the paramount earthquake?


Enlightenment occurs through the Spirit of Truth and His symbol is fire. The golden-era therefore, will be preceded by global fires created not only by natural catastrophes, but also through the deplorable aggressions of men. A 'contained' nuclear war is also very likely to break-out: "The heavens will be destroyed in flames and the elements will melt-away in a blaze." 2 Peter 3:12

The global-burning will represent "the out-pouring of Justice (Spirit)" on all humanity as described in Scripture to destroy the "noxious-brush" of evil ignorance, that has taken-over the land, however, "believers and the anointed" will be protected.


Latter Day Life

"As the aging world grows weaker and weaker, so will evils increase for its inhabitants." 2 Esdras 14.17

As we approach "the end," our societies and cultures will continue to entropy, they will rapidly degenerate "internally." The many weeds of evil planted in the world from the start of time will have spread globally to position themselves to overtake the waves of personalities from within their own beliefs and from within their own lands. Accordingly, people will increasingly manifest the many signs of "barbarism" through the quickening effects of fanatic religious beliefs, greed, drugs, sex, gambling and alcohol. These are the manifestations of the evil goat, the devil. There will be goat nations who will want to destroy Israel vs. sheep nations that provide their support.

Popular music will continue to change to reflect this degradation and permissiveness and will often sound more like a war cry, summoning all to battle. There will be growing disregard for our law keepers by our youth and normal human values will mean less and less. Many cities will experience the effects of chaos through the anarchy of terrorism and ethnic unrest, growing bands of criminals and hooligans will roam freely through our old havens. Murder, looting, mugging and rapes will become frequent occurrences.

Family members and relations will be quick to turn-on one another; through obstinacy and selfishness everyone will experience a growing sense of frustration! Distinct divisions created by extremely rebellious forms of selfishness will hit the very foundations of our societies, our families. 'The child shall behave himself proudly against the elderly and the base against the honourable.' (Isaiah3:5)

Isaiah 3:12 says that even the "Lord's people" will be oppressed by their children and women, will rule over them.

"Trust no neighbour, put no confidence in your closest friend; seal your lips even from the wife of your bosom. For son maligns father, daughter rebels against mother, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law, and a man's enemies are in his own household." Micah 7.5


In this regard, believers who are "centered or continually plugged-into the Lord" are assured that all this will not affect them: "As soon as thine eye sees, thy punishment falls; at that moment bewilderment seizes them." The wrath is for the stiff necked populace who refuse to repent of their vain selfish ways and continue to reject the Lord who died for them.


Tolerance levels in normal relationships in every age group will be dramatically tested and weakened: "Friends will become enemies" over insignificant matters.


The prophesies contained in the Srimad Bhagavata are strikingly similar and tell us: "People in the latter days will enter into marital ties solely on the expectation of maximum sexual delights, men will be very lustful and women profligate. Men will worship their wives and their wives' relatives, disregarding their own. Greed, cruelty, envy and cheating will be the mainstream of business, justice will be perverted and administered according to the size of bribes; heavy taxation, famine (droughts) and fear confine people into mental and physical destitution."

Many who are to be reborn at that time of massive crisis are coming back to an environment that compliments their own foul characteristics of the past: "And of you are some who are kept back till the most decrepit age, till he knows no longer anything of knowledge." The Koran, the Pilgrimage

This is also why Jesus stressed that "the wicked of his generation would not pass-away until they saw the apocalyptic prophecies happening." Some scholars believe Jesus was referring to the first generation that would reclaim Jerusalem, which occurred in 1967.

Please note that 'a generation' in Biblical terms is believed to equate to 'forty years,' thus on this basis, the Day of the Lord would occur by 2007 if our Heavenly Father so decides. Now if we allow 7 years for the reign of the beast as per Daniel's prophecy (3.5 years consolidating and setting himself up & 3.5 years of warfare), it would mean that the beastly dictator will likely be empowered by the year 2000 and possibly begin to rise to political prominence in his country of origin in late 1999 (after the end of the Gentiles' Year of Jubilee).


Thinning ozone levels in the stratosphere will negatively impact on global climatic conditions; cyclones, hurricanes and other inclement natural forces will destroy farm belts; pollution and related respiratory diseases will also become more widespread and take a large toll on the quality of life. All these things are the exterior manifestations, of our collective internal-chaotic states. All that we can produce without the Lord, whether it be internally or externally is pollution.

Internationally, economic policies have historically been driven by greed. The different economists never really included the cost of pollution, wastage and the depletion of natural resources into their equations to feed the gigantic mouths of consumerism. As a result, many nations will realise only too late, that they have been steered along the path of poverty and famine by their trusted experts.

Many governments in the world will be "unstable" according to Scripture and we are already seeing this phenomena transpire via coalition governments that come into power only through the support of minority parties. They do not retain a clear mandate to govern and are often very restricted in implementing needed changes. The recent US elections (2001) was a good example of this.

In the Apocrypha Esdras talks about monstrous children being born... could this be because of the cloning of human beings or science playing around with genetic blueprints? Interestingly Israel is one nation where cloning of humans is not outlawed. 


The Bible warns that many false-prophets will come to us in the final days; - look at how many fortune tellers, astrologers, tarot card readers, channelers, spiritualists, magicians, etc. who have mushroomed everywhere. There is also an overabundance of fake healers and mystic teachers and some of the more contemporary Christian churches have their own so called "prophets," who prophesy all sorts of things, now days.

Know that real prophets are born as such and the last in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-chain were John the Baptist, the apostles and Mohamed, respectively.

If one receives a prophetic glimpse, it does not make him a prophet, if a royal servant partakes of the kings food and secretly wears his clothes, he does not become the king and sooner or later he will be caught and loose his position of trust. One such person justified himself, by saying that two of his peers had confirmed him as a prophet. I hope for everyone's sake that they are truly genuine as well.

Similarly, people are often spiritually healed, because of their own faith or because God wants to uphold His holy Name before the eyes of the naive or unbelievers, all Power belongs to Him alone, always.


Legalism will run rampant in places of worship. Some religious leaders even instruct their followers to deprive their emotional and psychological selves to channel their creative energies for the development of supernatural powers. Scripture says; some will dissuade their followers from marrying and even try to change their normal foods.

Jeremiah's warnings against venerating and burning incense to the "queen of heaven" (44:17), also directly applies to our modern or New Age cultures, where people venerate "the sensual expressions of nature and abundance." Their festivities are like pagan orgies of excesses and there is no room for shame let alone thanksgiving to the One Living God of us all.

These callus individuals "living for today" trying to satisfy every physical and emotional whim that arises are not really a New Age movement for their types of paganism and naturalism even existed in Greece at the time of Paul, i.e. Stoics. These people will have a lot of explaining to do!

Be very careful of those things that only have a semblance of truth about them, ( a show of religion) for with Truth, there can never be any compromise whatsoever.

The Global Battle

The early prophets foretold that the Jews would be "re-gathered" into the holy lands (Israel) from many different countries as a prelude to "the end." This happened after the last world war and the Israelis have proceeded to even repopulate lands that were annexed from their neighbors, in their six-day war of 1967.

The Jews have been brought back into Israel after one thousand eight hundred years as a "sign" from God and even the arid lands that they repopulated, have been made fertile as "another sign" according to Scripture. Rains have come as needed, trees and crops have produced their variety of fruits and the valleys have become like a miniature Garden of Eden with entire fields bursting with the vivid colours of flowers, now cultivated commercially.

It is written that a peril will lurk in the thoughts of the men who inhabit these lands, ie. if they should continue to think that they have brought all this about, by their own hands.


Turn your hearts back to your first love Oh Israel, remember and worship your Lord! Isaiah 43.18 warns you not to dwell in the painful memories of your past, acknowledge that God supports you now; work towards securing or claiming your "spiritual inheritance."

What is to be, cannot be changed; 'if you pick-up the sword, you will die by the sword,' therefore, follow the specific guidelines provided for you in the "Letter to the Hebrews" so that you can cleanse your robes (selves), until the Messiah returns.


Scripture tells us that there will be continual friction between Israel and its neighbours after resettlement and in this regard, cross border strife with extremists and terrorists, has been the norm as predicted. Continually provoked in this manner, Israel embraced a policy to retaliate in kind and Joel 4.4 prophesied that this would happen: "Would you take vengeance upon me with some action? But swiftly, speedily, I will return your deed upon your own head."

When the "semblance of peace and prosperity" finally comes to Israel, she will be invaded!


The next precursor to "the end" foretold in Scripture, is the continual occurrence of war and rumours of wars between nations and "kingdoms." The recent collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union has seen the incidence of civil wars in many of its various states (kingdoms), involving different "ethnic factions."

Similarly, ethnic, denominational, class and other similar struggles are currently occurring in Ireland, the Balkan States (former Yugoslavia); Bulgaria, Armenia, Albania, Tibet, different South America countries, Central and Western Africa, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia (Timor), Algeria, Spain, Afghanistan and between rival Kurds in Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

These wars are between peoples who at one time coexisted peacefully together and even intermarried.


Rumours of war continue to abound in relation to North and South Korea, between various African nations and also between Taiwan and China.

The stage of widespread human unrest will be followed by a: "Growing incidences of earthquakes and famines in various places, similar to the beginnings of birth pangs." Mark 13.8

Another key sign is that there will be a global revival brought about by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. He will be poured on all the nations, so that His Word (the gospel of Christ) can be preached to the ends of the earth! This is going on now and is quickly gaining momentum. 


As there is a holy battle for the individual to win over his lower or evil nature (illusions) before he can be enlightened, there is also a final world conflict that must come to pass to precede the next golden age. It will be begin and end in the Middle East.

Some of the conditions needed to "spark the global battle" have already been put in place! Divine Justice is to be activated-universally and it will severely impact on all humanity and in this regard, Revelation 6, makes reference to a "Scroll" (Law) with seven seals which are to be broken progressively:

The breaking of the first four seals has occurred already and this parallels the visions in Zechariah (6) which foretold that four universal forces would be activated to "create conditions that are conducive for the start of the next global-war," through a metaphor which used chariots with different coloured horses.

In the prophet's vision, the first chariot with bay (red) horses was sent to the east (of Jerusalem); the one with black horses to the land of the north; the chariot with white horses to the far-west and the dappled (grey) went to the land of the south.


The meanings or effects of these colours and chariots are given in "same chapter" of John's Revelation ie. Chapter 6, as follows:

 - The red force (horses) create distrust and anger and remove peace. It turns men against each other; political, ethnic and religious factions create internal upheavals and the dictatorial government(s) concerned, will continue to build-up their armies despite the more urgent need for that money elsewhere.

The countries implied in the East, are Iraq and Iran and we shall be examining other prophecies in order to accurately determine who all these key nations are. It is interesting to note that Iran, Iraq and Turkey have already been at odds over warring Kurdish factions and refugees on their respective borders.


 - The rider of the black horses "held a pair of scales in his hand" and what the prophet heard in the background was: "A whole day's wage for a quart of flour." This universal force creates severe economic depression with very high inflation and unemployment levels. A growing incidence of famine will be experienced in the lands of the North ie. across parts of the Northern Hemisphere, because of inclement climatic conditions and especially in Turkey and some of its allied countries. Inflation is already running at 80% per annum in Turkey and continues to rise.


 -According to Scripture, the rider of the white horses stands for the "desire to conquer or to vanquish" and he travels to the Far West. These Western nations will be directly involved and will scheme to overthrow two other countries in the region, (ie. Iran and Iraq) no doubt, by propping-up Turkey which is an old but shaky member of NATO.

Turkey and its economically depressed allies, will look-upon the vast natural resources of Iraq and Iran as their "saving-grace."


 -The rider with the pale horses (greasy) represents death on a global scale via "war, famine, pestilence and wild beasts" because he was given powers over "one quarter of the earth." While this chariot was firstly sent southwards through the East (Iraq) into Iran, massive destruction and carnage will eventually result globally.

Iraq invaded Iran and Kuwait and all sides suffered major loss of life. The four foul creatures of death and destruction will rise up from the Euphrates River in Iraq, (Revelation) What the West have feared of Saddam will occur. He has stockpiled weapons of mass destruction that will be unleashed in the appointed time. Wickedness has been buried in a container under the earth according to Scripture.


The Seven Seals

The breaking of the first four seals as per above, obviously portrays, that the "global-plot has already been thickened!"

 -The breaking of the fifth seal will represent a plea from the ancient prophets and seers seeking vindication for being martyred and the Lord will avenge the spilling of their blood.

 -The breaking of the sixth seal sees the eviction of Satan and his devils from heaven (universal consciousness) and subsequently, the earth and moon will sustain major damage from crashing asteroids. Earthquakes and tidal waves will also result and everyone will be overcome with terror. One third of all the ships in the world will be sunk according to Scripture.

 -The breaking of the seventh seal will bring forth seven angels with seven trumpets. Each trumpet blast will basically cause a natural calamity to occur and one will also assemble a massive army from within the boundaries of the Old Greek Empire, which will be bent on global-destruction and dominance.


The beginning of the sounding of the last (seventh) trumpet will herald-in the transfer of universal sovereignty to the Lord and when it starts to be sounded, a second Rapture will occur for new martyrs, converts and saints. Seven is a number of completions in Scripture.


The Northern Army

2 Esdras 12:28, describes a vision which he had of an eagle with three sleeping heads and Scripture tells us that the eagle represents the "Old Greek Empire." The three dormant heads portray the Ottoman Empire and the Empires of the Babylonians (Iraq) and Persians (Iran) which at different times in history, surfaced from within the ancient Greek borders.

"When I have bent Judah for Me, filled the bow with Ephraim and raised up thy sons O Zion, against thy sons O Greece and made thee as a sword of a might man." Zechariah 9:13

In his vision, the middle head was the first one to "reawaken" and it roused the other two heads. The middle head represents Iraq and has already wakened its neighbour Iran rather abruptly through an invasion in 1980. In the process, its other neighbour, namely, Turkey, was also roused.

The first head (leader of Iraq) then disappears and according to Scripture: "It signifies that one of the kings will die in his bed, but in great agony. The two that survived will be destroyed by the sword; one of them (Iran) will fall by the sword of the other (Turkey), who will himself fall by the sword in the last days."


To remove any doubt about the credibility of this vision, Ezekiel 38, foretells of an invasion that will be mounted against Israel by the "hordes of Gog from the land of Magog" and also specifically names three provinces or districts, as known during the reign of the Assyrians (880 BC). Those areas are Rosh, Meshech and Tubal and they have been named, in order to be very geographically precise.

Meshech was situated in the central-west region while Tubal was located in the South Eastern region of Turkey. I have not been able to determine where exactly, Rosh was located, but it was invariable, also in the same country, as we shall see.


I have mainly relied on The Oxford Bible Atlas and The Times Concise Atlas of the Bible to determine the locations of all these ancient areas and I believe these sources, are considered to be reputable.


The prophet Jeremiah (51.27) supports Ezekiel by saying that the three kingdoms of Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz will also rise against Babylon (greater Baghdad) and the land of Chaldea (Iraq). Those three kingdoms now form part of North Eastern Turkey and Armenia.

The more ancient Book of Numbers (24:24) gives us another region in Turkey that will be involved: "Ah! Who are these assembling in the north, invaders from the region of Kittim, they will lay waste Assyria and Eber."


It appears that the only provinces of Turkey, which will not support the new leader, (referred to as "Gog,") are those situated on the West Coast. These provinces are prosperous and are more Westernized and will be plundered by Gog to initially fund his "unorthodox rise to power," according to the prophet Esdras.

Gog and Magog are named, AYajuj and Majuj@ in the Koran (The Cave).

Modern-day Turkey is the land of Gog; - it and the land of its future allies represents the land of Magog.


The Book of Ezekiel proceeds to specify some of the countries, which will be allied to Gog (the leader of Turkey) at the time when they will attack Israel. It is interesting to note that some of these nations have already been singled-out for human right abuses and for promoting terrorism. These are the countries concerned:

 -Persia, ie. Modern-day Iran. This country will only join the alliance later on ie. when Turkey attacks Israel, the Arab nations and the West.

 -Cush, known today as Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia;

 -Put, now known as Libya, Tunisia and possibly Algeria;

 -Gomer, a region in Central Turkey and

 -Beth-Togarmah, which is now representative of several newly formed nations or states around the Black and Caspian Seas which recently broke-off from the former Soviet Union. Scripture refers to the people of these nations as coming from: "the far recesses of the North" and were known of old as the "Scythians," who were mostly nomadic and barbaric tribes.

Click here to see the map of the Old Greek Empire


The Northern Alliance will be very powerful militarily and because Scripture makes the distinction of naming the Greek Empire, it means that all the member countries in the alliance will in effect rise from within its old boundaries. The empire stretched eastwards from Macedonia to the Indus River and includes modern-day Pakistan and Afghanistan.

To the North East, the empire stretched as far as the Jaxartes River (Darya River) which is situated East of the Aral Sea and the current countries in this region, include Kazkhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.

The ethnic regions of Kurdistan and Turkistan will also be involved.


The recurrence of ethnic and other political and domestic upheavals will be on the increase within these old boundaries and an alliance between many of these nations will form the "Northern Army" talked about by the early prophets and it will basically comprise of ten "hungry" and very aggressive countries.

The Balkan turmoil will eventually bring Macedonia into conflict for it was the starting point of the Old Greek empire.


Some of the members of the Commonwealth of Independent States created from the dissolution of the Soviet Union will be united through trade and defense agreements and will allow Turkey to join them in the future. When that occurs, three existing members will be pushed-out or leave. The prophet Daniel saw this new union as a: "Beast with iron teeth and bronze claws with ten horns. Three horns were uprooted to make room for a new horn."

The eight remaining members of the Independent States (including Turkey) plus say, Pakistan and Afghanistan could perhaps remake the ten-horns (alliance) depicted by Scripture and Sudan, Libya, Ethiopia, Tunisia and Iran, will definitely be allied to them.


Revelation 17:12, specifies that the Turkish leader will be the ultimate leader of this Alliance: "The ten horns represent ten kings who have not yet been crowned along with the beast. Then they will come to agreement and bestow their power and authority on the beast."

It is written that he will fool many powerful nations and perhaps countries like Russia, U.S.A., European nations and China may support him in various other ways!


The commonality of names of countries in the Northern Alliance

It is interesting to note the commonality in the names of many of the countries that will form this alliance, eg. Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. The "Stan" at the end of the names of the majority of these countries, suggests that they will be united ethnically" as a Turkic Islamic Kingdom.


According to Webster's Dictionary of Proper Names, it is believed that "stan" comes from the old Persian and means, "land," eg. in the word "Pakistan," "Pak" is the Persian for "holy or pure;" Pakistan therefore means, "the holy land."


Perhaps Turkey will also formally change its name in the future to more closely resemble the others, because, Scripture says that all their names are "blasphemous." The similarity therefore, gives credence to the following statement:- "On each (of the ten) heads a blasphemous name." Revelation 13.1



The Beastly Dictator

Turkey will continue to suffer from major internal upheavals politically and economically until the grip of famine and misery is further tightened around her citizen's waists.

Political control of Turkey will be stealthily assumed by a radical party or more likely, a powerful military figure who will end-up embracing extremist policies, in an effort to overcome the nation's internal woes. The new Turkish leader will be catapulted into power politically, as a result of the continual political friction internally and also because of the continuing disputes between Greece and Turkey.

These two neighbouring countries have been disputing over the sovereignty of Cyprus and various mineral rights in the Aegean Sea and from time to time, the situation has been rather volatile.


Gog will come on the scene amidst all kinds of counterfeit miracles and signs and in every sort of evil that deceives those who: "Are perishing, because they refused to love the Truth and be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and be condemned." 2 Thessalonians 2


Since my book was published various other ominous signs have continued to appear on the global arena in line with what Scripture has foretold; eg. the European Union because of human rights abuses and their on-going friction with Greece has snubbed Turkey over Cyprus. Meanwhile, Turkey remains on the sidelines for future consideration, but interestingly, with eleven other nations that broke-off from the Soviet Union.


Greece is now considering mandatory subscription of Greek women living in other countries for national service, in consideration for allowing them to hold dual citizenship.


The ugly face of militancy appears more threatening in different Islamic countries, including Indonesia, Algeria, Afghanistan and also in Egypt where various tourists were targeted and killed by terrorists. Egypt will suffer from major internal unrest.


Iran has recently made friendly gestures to Iraq despite having fought an eight-year war against them. This tends to support what Daniel says, namely that these two countries will align themselves for trade and thereafter, for defensive reasons.

Iraq seems bent on travelling towards complete devastation like Sodom and Gomorrah. They have refused to fully cooperate with the United Nations who believe they are continuing to produce various weapons of mass destruction and again, Iraq's demise appears inevitable and is in line with prophesy.

Iran is now doing the same thing and is establishing mid-range missile systems that will threaten the stability in the Middle East. The scene is being set to unify the Arab countries behind a strong-leader who will be prepared to remove the potential threat of both these countries in their region.


Revelation 17, specifically relates the Northern Alliance to the "global-manifestations of the powers of evil, ie. ignorance and desire" through the use of a very descriptive metaphor: "Babylon the whore who was by the waters of the deep, seated on a scarlet beast with seven heads and ten horns."


Because Babylon sits on the scarlet beast, it means that the two universal powers of evil (ignorance and desire) work together to manifest their acts of terror and lust for power and wealth.

The leader of Turkey is to become the human-vehicle through whom, these supernatural evils will be manifested and expressed.

This chapter of Revelation specifies, that the "seven heads" are allegories of "hills and also of kings." There is a reason for the two depictions; the "hills" highlight a specific geographical location or a city where the beastly human leader will rise to power by: "Dissimulation and intrigue during a time of peace."


The geographical location inferred is the City of Istanbul, which was formerly known as Constantinople and Byzantium. Interestingly, Istanbul is built on "seven hills" surrounding an inlet known as the "Golden Horn" and coincidentally to its north, is the Black Sea (symbolically the global abode of the dragon, ie. ignorance) and to the south, is the Sea of Marmara (symbol of the abode of second dragon, named, "Mammon" which represents the power of money and trade): "You smashed the heads of the dragons in the waters." Psalm 74.13


2 Esdras 50, names these two evils "Behemoth and Leviathan" and says they were too large to fit in one sea and the former was given a land of a thousand hills.

The banks of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara rise to form the "thumb" in the hilly nation of Turkey and it is where the continent of Asia "reaches-out its deadly hand" to another ie. Europe!

Unlike other seas across the globe, the depths of the Black Sea do not have any oxygen.


Peculiarly, when Paul was spreading the gospel, this region in Turkey encompassed "two" Roman provinces namely, Bithinia and Pontus, which were administered as "one;" the subtle implications of this in light of the above, would explain why Paul was not allowed to teach there: "They tried to enter Bithinia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to" Acts 16.7


Gog will be a modern-day revolutionary who will pillage the rich in the more prosperous provinces of Turkey (West Coast) which are now more Westernized and distribute his spoils to his followers. This ploy will enable him to expand his supporter-base very quickly.

Turkey's western provinces include the region that was formerly known as Asia (Minor) and was portrayed as a harlot in the prophecies of Esdras. That area also ties-in with the seven cities (chakras) in John's Revelation, as we have already seen.


Paul was abandoned by the church, "in all of Asia" (Acts).


Gog is referred to as the "prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal," which implies he will be either a leading regional-figure or a powerful military general who has the support of several regiments in one or more provinces in central Turkey. He will assume political control of Turkey, possibly via a military coup, for he will be a: "Master of stratagem." Daniel 8.23


He will champion massive conscription programs as a short-term remedy, for high unemployment and to mitigate the perceived threat from its neighbours and the dissension in the western provinces, in his own country. He will need to counter "a growing threat" from Iran and Iraq, Turkey's other neighbours


Iran and Iraq have each continued to build-up their respective armies and this will give Gog the added impetus, to do the same within his ethnic alliance. Consider this, the above threat will be dramatically heightened if Iran and Iraq affiliate themselves in some way and as we shall see, the prophet Daniel, suggests that they will do just that.

Turkey already has the fourth largest army in the world.


The name of the beast 

Revelation says that the letters in Gog's (the beast's) name will: "add up to 666." and his name will mean, "Abaddon or Apollon ie. destroyer." John also says that anyone with a little wisdom can work it out.

In Arabic, this number (666) is represented by the following letters; 600 = KH; 60 = SIN and 6 = WAU, however, in Hebrew, consonants only go to a maximum of 400 and in this example, they are comprised of the following letters; "TH" or "T" = 400, "R" = 200, "S" = 60 and "V" = 6.

His name could contain any combination of those letters, however, the word "destroy" in Turkish is "Tahrib (p)" and with "eden" adjoined to it, it becomes, "destroyer" and adds-up to 665. It needs another "a" (alef) to make-up the specified number, eg. "aden or edan;" if this indeed, will be his name.

All this is all very eerie, -will Gog carry a name that also identifies him, as 'the destroyer of the Garden of Eden?'


Evil will evolve from subtle emotional and psychological impulses to manifest global violence. The ogres of old are coming back to breed with our women, (our emotions) to beget widespread hysteria, terror and death in the world.


The other distinction made by Revelation 17, of the "seven heads as kings," relates to the different empires that have come and gone, from within the old Greek empire over the centuries.


The power of ignorance (the dragon) will directly work through the Turkish leader's "lust for power and wealth" and this is what is portrayed by "desire" seating herself, on the scarlet beast. This ruthless tyrant will be seen to be confidently arrogant, powerful, solidly united with his allies, benevolent and extremely intelligent by his peers and because of this, he will attract the backing of other larger nations, for his early initiatives. He will be an expert schemer and: "Will fool and work havoc, among the great nations and holy people."


There are many karmic-scores that need to be settled at the international level, between many nations in the Middle-East and also between the certain North African countries and their European-Colonialists from the last world war. Some of these African nations will rise against their former invaders and it will all be premeditated.


The desires of certain concerned Western nations, to "vanquish" others (ie. Iraq and Iran) in order to maintain a certain level of stability in the Middle East and also to bring in a new world order, will backfire in their faces:

"Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom" Matthew 24.7



Why Old Greece?

Two and a half thousand years ago in ancient Greece, their first philosophers and theorists struggled to explain why man was here, through "externalities." They introduced or strengthened the ideologies of self-centeredness as the "hub" of logical reason (induction and deduction). Even in the Book of Acts we see references to the pastimes of the Greeks in seeing themselves as thinkers and innovators and humanity has since largely assumed the various premises, that they inculcated.

It was the first renaissance of knowledge (which is really ignorance for it excludes Truth) in the world and was subsequently followed by the industrial revolution and more recently, its technological extension. Our current period which is driven by an inundation of "information," will cap-it all off.

Today, intellects are more commonly characterising themselves as the "masters" of themselves, their innovations, their fates, their economies and their natural environments, etc. In keeping with universal law however, all their technological advances and conceited scientific beliefs will "boomerang-back" with a surgical aerodynamic precision, to slice their modern ideals (idols), into bits.

Ignorance (vain conceit) is "thought" assuming its own independent beliefs, the nemesis of every well-intentioned intellect that needs to know its Creator.

"Avoid profane and vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called. Which some professing have erred concerning the faith." 1 Timothy 6:20


Our modern scientific and technological cultures have us venerating our conceited minds through ideas, concepts and formulas and we worship our physical bodies, via our continual pursuit of luxuries, sensual gratification and other material vanities. Furthermore, the modern thinker labels himself "liberal, progressive, innovative etc." and fights for personal freedoms which are called "rights," how incorrectly he or she sees things: "The vile person shall no more be called 'liberal' nor the churl said to be bountiful." Isaiah 32:5

The many academic disciplines and scientific definitions that have evolved since the early Greek period, have not helped to end our cycles of suffering; all their objective ideas could not remove the illusions of the person, nor soften his heart.

A complete reversal in the way we think and live, must now transpire globally and it will occur, before the next golden age.



The start and spread of war

The global conflict unfolds through the Northern dictator, because Daniel (8.20) tells us, that he will attack the leader of the South, who is the second beast metaphorically described in John's Revelation 13, as: "Having two horns like a ram and spoke like a dragon."


The second beast is a battering ram, a military powerhouse of two very obstinate and aggressive nations and although they are affiliated in this battle, they work independently (two horns). They are different from the Northerners ethnically or racially, but use the same language as they do, ie. Arabic, because of their common Islamic faith.


The prophesy in Daniel (8.20), via his analogy of the two-horned ram and a he-goat (North) goes as far as to specify, that the two horns represent the "kings of Media and Persia" (ie. Iraq and Iran) and both Revelation and Isaiah (21.2) endorse this: "Up Elam, up Medes to the siege." These two regions were part of the Old Persian Empire and currently encompass Western and North Western Iran respectively.


2 Esdras 30, adds further clarification to both of the prophesies in Revelation and Daniel and also specifies that the Northern army will make the first move against the Southern kingdom:- "The Carmanians (Southern Iranians in the Hellenistic period), mad with rage will rush like wild boars out of the forest, advancing in full force to join battle with them and will devastate whole tracks of Assyria with their tusks."


This initial confrontation will occur in modern-day Syria, the unlucky nation sandwiched in-between the two warring sides and it effectively unites the "Arab world" behind the North, because Esdras goes on to say: "The dragons from Arabia will rally and push them back and in their retreat, one army is completely destroyed by an old enemy who ambushes them in Assyria."


As the guardians of Islam, the normally peaceful Saudis (Arabs), will fight gallantly to protect their own lands and the holy City of Mecca from falling into Iranian and Iraqi hands.


The fury of their war clouds will "stretch from the east and north to the south of Israel" and an enormous amount of blood will be shed. A "western cloud" will approach, but, it will be repelled and then, "huge mighty clouds full of fury will ravage the whole land."


The Iraqi army will be ambushed by an "old enemy as it retreats from Syria" and is completely destroyed. Jeremiah (51.12) confirms that there will be an "ambush".

After the Iraqi army is destroyed, Babylon (Baghdad) is then "completely blotted-out" and Chaldea (Iraq) is ravaged. A nuclear attack on Baghdad is very probable.


Pakistan and some of the new Islamic States formed from the dissolution of the Soviet Union, already have state-of-the-art delivery systems for their nuclear warheads and Russia has a huge stockpile of aging atomic weapons, which it is only too pleased to sell to raise much needed money, to prop-up its failing economy.


Let us examine the sequence of events which are then to follow, according to Scripture:-


Daniel 11, tells us that the leader of Iran (the king of the South) will have to recall his troops because of treachery; there will be traitors within his own ministry: "At his own table." Isaiah (21.2) foretells: "The traitor betrayed, the spoiler himself despoiled." The traitor of Iran is possibly a "cabinet minister" and is also the "false-prophet" mentioned in Revelation.

Interestingly, we are told that the serpent, (the power of ignorance) will also work directly through the false prophet, giving him supernatural powers. The false prophet will be a mystic, a conniving individual who will have no allegiance to his country of origin and the Turkish leader (Gog), will capitalise on that.

With the last change of leaders in Iran, that country became basically divided between a new type of suspicious moderate and the hard-line fundamentalists. The scene there would tend to support the rise of the traitor, who will be the Anti-Christ.


Scripture says Gog (the beast) will be mortally wounded at some time and the false prophet will bring him back to life, at the astonishment of the world.

Recognise that Satan is 'the real counterfeiter,' he will try to copy the Lord's resurrection to further confute the world ie. in bringing the beast back to life.


After the Iranians withdraw from the initial battle, Gog meets with their leader and: "Both parties are bent on mischief; they lie to each other without any one gaining an advantage."

After that meeting, Gog will return to his own land (Turkey) with a long "baggage-train of spoils" and with: "Anger in his heart against the holy covenant," (Israel). Revelation also tells us that Gog and his prophet harbour the same feelings against the Lamb, ie. Christians.


The Iranian leader will also be a deadly schemer!


The spoils of war will go to the Northern Alliance and its allies and Gog will then consolidate his power and resources and take all the Iraqi survivors into captivity. At that point in time, some of the Arab nations, who allied themselves with the North against Iraq and Iran, will withdraw their support and this will anger Gog immensely. These countries will enter into a defensive Arabic Alliance for "self preservation."


Both Daniel (9) and Jeremiah (25.11) tell us that the temple in Jerusalem will be damaged through the "rebellions of its citizens" (between Palestinians and Israelis or between the different factions of Judaism) and the reparations will only take seven weeks to complete.

For sixty-two weeks after its restoration, one of the ancient prophets will appear in Israel, to beckon his people back onto the right path. At the end of seventy weeks ie. from the time that orders are issued to repair the temple, Israel is invaded.


The Northern Alliance will again attack Iran and this time, they will overrun it, however, ships from the West will sail against him and he receives a "rebuff."

Under the circumstances, the Turkish leader vents his rage at Israel and at that time, Iran "can see the writing on the wall," so it will ally itself with Turkey and this is in line with Ezekiel 38, which includes Persia in the list of countries that are prophesied, to invade Israel.

Their enormous armies will resemble:- "A storm, advancing like a cloud to cover the earth" and they will cross the Euphrates River, which will be dry in those days according to prophesy and invade Israel from her northern boundaries. Revelation (9.16) says: "Their squadrons will number two hundred million."


Through envy, the invaders ravage Israel: "To plunder and pillage outlying villages that had been repeopled by a people gathered from the nations."


Ezekiel 38,13 tell us that: "Sheba, Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all her young lions," will question the invaders of their motives for the unprovoked attack on Israel.

The first two countries represent Yemen and Saudi Arabia while Tarshish was believed to be Mediterranean ports possibly in southern Spain where ore was smelted. What has come to me in this regard is: Tarshish is England and her young lions are representative of its former Commonwealth of Colonies, like Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Singapore, etc., (which have adopted the English language) and the USA is included in this group.


England still uses the lion as its national emblem and was largely instrumental in relocating the Jews after the holocaust of the last world war back into the holy lands.


"On the same day that Israel is invaded," the Lord will cause major natural calamities to occur, including torrential rain, large hailstones and an earthquake that is centred in Israel, will cause massive devastation world-wide:- "All mankind on the face of the earth shall be shaken before me, mountains shall be torn-up, the terraced hills collapse and every wall crash to the ground." Ezekiel 38.20


The Arab forces that assist the Northern Alliance in its invasion of Israel will correctly interpret the "ominous signs of nature" as "God's Wrath" and they will rebel against their leaders. They will fight between themselves and then, enjoin the Arab Alliance!

At this point in time "seven bowls of God's wrath" will be prepared to be poured on the earth and these parallel some of the plagues or signs that God brought-on the Egyptians at the time of Moses.


Widespread natural catastrophes will prevent any immediate retaliation from the West (Christendom) in regards to Gog's occupation of the holy lands.

Severe flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves in many areas of the world, will take a large toll on human life and many areas will remain under water: "Nations will be in anguish, distraught at the roaring of the sea and the waves." Luke 21:25


Israel will suffer from severe famines and pestilence from then on and it has been prophesied that one third of her population will starve to death. "Plagues include chemical warfare!"


Only the Father knows when His wrath will be poured on the world, but He promises to delay it for the sake of the "praises of His children," look at the following verse from Isaiah 48:9:

"For My Name's sake I delay My wrath; for the sake of My praise I hold it back from you, so as not to cut you off."


Because Jerusalem is the spiritual heart-centre of the world, the aggressors will be obsessed in controlling her and will use the northern sides of Mt. Zion as a military base, to spread destruction into the surrounding Arab countries:

"How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north." Isaiah 14:12


"I will first punish the city which bears my Name (Jerusalem); do you (Arab nations) think you can be exempt?" Jeremiah 25


Soon after the occupation of Jerusalem, the invaders defile the sanctuary of the Lord's Temple, (Temple Mount, with the Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock) abolishing the daily sacrifice and oblation. They will erect a statue of their "blood-thirsty leader" in the temple wing to honour and venerate him like some mythical-hero and through his magical powers, the 'false-prophet will causes that image to speak."

This strange phenomena has reportedly been experienced in the past; Pope Gerbert (Silvester II) was said to have made a brazen-head and the teacher of Thomas Aquinas namely, Albertus Magnus spent thirty years making his head, which was reportedly smashed by his pupil, because it "talked too much."


The placing of the beast's image in the holy temple will constitute: "The abomination that causes desolation," as per Daniel's prophesy and it will trigger the ensuing catastrophic wars that will cause "widespread-desolation" through-out, Israel, all the neighbouring Arab countries and possibly also the rest of the world:-

"Until the end there shall be war, the desolation that is decreed." Daniel 9.26


An atomic holocaust will likely result and be contained in the Middle East and the Northern Alliance, supported by Iran will ravage the nations and Israel for three and a half years. Many nations will be attacked and invaded in their time of weakness, when they are inundated with natural catastrophes and Gog will attract other allies to his side, from other parts of the world (possibly Eastern Europe.)

While the Northern invaders continue to occupy Israel unchallenged, they will persecute and torture Jews and Christians alike, who do not "convert" to the doctrines of the evil dictator and his false prophet.


"It will be a fourth kingdom on earth. It shall devour the whole earth beat it down and crush it." Daniel 7.23


Gog will then magnify himself above everyone and every god and openly blaspheme the Lord. Scripture says that he will venerate a new god, the "god of strongholds," ie. power and security through military-might and that might is attained through the spoils of pillage. Once he has started his wild rampage, he will not look back.

On the personal level, "strongholds and fortresses" represent the "five sheaths of ignorance."


The Koran also warns us of the beast, -Gog: "And amongst men is one who wrangles with God without knowledge, and follows every rebellious devil; against whom it is written down that whoso takes him for a patron, verily, he will lead him astray and will guide him towards the torment of the blaze. We will make this man taste on Resurrection Day, the torment of burning." The Koran, the Pilgrimage


Scripture warns us of the dangerous philosophy of the false prophet, by referring to him as the "Antichrist." The immovable belief that the Antichrist will promote is that there is no "Son." Accordingly, he will vehemently argue that the Son could not have been incarnated as a man, namely, Jesus Christ and will use "partial truths" from his Scripture to present his arguments, eg. "if there is only God, how could He have a Son?"

'Christ' translates to 'the Anointed One' therefore 'Antichrist' means 'he that is against the knowledge of His anointing.' No wonder religions are against the knowledge of the anointing, they have been controlled by the devil all along.


1 John 2.23 has countered these arguments and makes it all very clear:- "He is the Antichrist denying the Father and the Son. Anyone who denies the Son has no claim on the Father."

The Antichrist will be really waging a global-war against the "knowledge of the Divine Nature of God in His Son." He fears the anointing of the Holy Ghost for he is powerless before it.

Freedom is attained through the Son's Divine Nature (anointing grace) in our selves: "Knowledge of Him who called us by His own Glory, through them you may participate in the Divine Nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires." 2 Peter 1.3


By denying the Presence of the Holy Witnessing-Consciousness (the Word), people will be denied the opportunity of discerning their own souls, for to deny that wisdom for material comforts and "personal desires," equates "to selling one's soul:"

"We know too, that the Son of God has come to give us discernment to recognise the One who is true. And we are in the One who is True." 1 John 5.20


Hinduism is also very clear in this regard: "False doctrines of dualism and those which do not admit the presence of Self, can be refuted by reasoning. No man who knows Brahman to be different from his Self is a knower of Truth." Upadesa Sahasri 15.68-70


The false prophet will actually compel people to worship the Turkish leader as a god and:- "Will force all men to accept a stamped image "in" their right hand or on their forehead." Revelation 13


The "mark of the beast" could very well turn out to be a tiny computer-chip, for it would thereby appropriately, represent "artificial intelligence."

The intelligent chip could perhaps be inserted under the skin of one's hand or forehead in a similar way that we now register our pet cats and dogs. It could be "scanned," before anyone can complete any type of business transaction, e.g. purchasing foods at supermarkets, accessing salaries at banks, hospital admissions, etc.

This technology is already here and many new credit cards (known as smart cards) have adopted these chips to carry more extensive data on their holders.

Long gone will be the days of one's personal right to privacy and this authoritarian regime, will enjoy far reaching power over the many peoples in the Northern Alliance and also in the countries which they will eventually conquer. Ruthless power over the vanquished, is the bloody sceptre of evil.


A large part of humanity will become willing converts, because of where they will place their priorities; many will only seek to look after their stomachs and comforts and will not realise, that with that "badge," they will be recognised as "belonging to evil."

Scripture "strongly warns us" against allowing any such labelling to occur and in fact, the "first bowl of the Lord's wrath" that will be poured on the world, will ensure that everyone who wears the mark of the beast develops heinous sores and will be attacked by a plague of biting insects. The physical body will initially reject it and later, those who have been labelled, will all die by Divine Decree.

"And he opened the bottomless pit …and there came out locusts upon the earth, and unto to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power… to hurt only those men who have not the seal of God on their foreheads." Revelation 9

"For behold, I will send serpents and cockatrices among you, which will not be charmed and they shall bite you saith the Lord." Jeremiah 8:17

The Lord's wrath is not meant to be poured on His chosen people, Scripture tells us this, therefore His faithful will be protected:

"For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Thessalonians 5:9


In summary, the remaining "six bowls of Divine wrath" will cause the following retributions to occur (also for the shedding of the blood of the prophets and the righteous souls);

 -The second wrath causes the Dead Sea to turn into blood and all its fish will die (2 Esdras 5.7)

 -The third wrath causes rivers and springs to turn into blood;

 -With the fourth wrath, men are burnt by the rays of the sun;

 -The sixth wrath dries-up the Euphrates River to prepare the way for the kings of the far East and all nations are summoned to Armageddon. Both the east (heart and/or the inner world) and the west (intellect and/or the outer world) must be reconciled to the Holy Witness.

 -The seventh wrath causes an earthquake that splits Jerusalem into three sections and Babylon (universal desire) is destroyed.


Ezekiel 9 parallels Revelation 7 in relation to the "breaking of the sixth seal," in that, it talks of the innocent in Jerusalem (those that groan about the city's abominations), all being marked with a "X" on their foreheads, to escape certain death at the hands of the invaders who were portrayed, as five men (invading nations) carrying battle-axes and approached from the northern-gate.

In that particular vision, a sixth man came forth to mark the faithful.

The letter "X" literally stands for the Hebrew letter "taw" which is also shaped like a "cross."


Isaiah 44, says that God's devotees will write "The Lord's (YAH)" on their hands, in the latter days, perhaps in direct defiance to Gog. This will be a period of "testing," for all people in the world.


In utter desperation, the few surviving Israelites and those others who remain loyal to God will unite themselves in calling to God with "one voice" and He will respond!

God will "summon universal-terror against Gog" to bring him and his evil host to justice progressively, through pestilence, bloodshed and various other calamities (ie. seven bowls).


Because the Turkish leader (Gog) actually represents the manifestation of the serpent's power (universal evil) he will work with the false-prophet, who is representative of the global-ego.

The power of evil (ignorance) works with the "personality" to destroy the "personality's kingdom." This is what normally happens in mankind as well: "Evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him." Psalm 140:11

It also implies that although the Iranian mystic may have started-off by being religious, his practices will have promoted the retention of the selfish "doer-ego" as the "worshipper or seeker." Instead of surrendering his ego-fallacy, he will have opted for mystical-powers and therefore will cloth himself as a prophet and this will be the cause of his country's (Iran's) undoing.

There have been accounts of certain Hatha-yogis or fakirs in the past, who unknowingly have manifested super-egos with a diabolical pride and power which completely, dominated their lives.


Therefore, in keeping with the nature of evil within him; Scripture says that Gog will eventually launch a final assault on the Southern Kingdom (Iran) creating much destruction and this time, he overtakes it and establishes a military base in its North-West region (Elam):-

"I will set my throne in Elam and there I will destroy the king and his officers." Jeremiah 49.38

His army will then attack the different Arab nations who previously abandoned him:-"Overrunning land after land, sweeping over them like a raging flood."


Egypt will not escape from his retribution; Gog will gain control of Egypt's gold and silver reserves. Libya and Sudan (Ethiopia), Egypt's two neighbours and allies will follow in Gog's destructive trail:- "Egypt, Put, Lud (Lydia), all Arabia, Libya and the people of the allied territory (Arab nations) shall fall by the sword with them (Egypt)." Ezekiel 30

Scripture goes as far as to say: "All who support Egypt shall fall" (Ezekiel 30.6) i.e. in the Arab Alliance.


When Egypt is invaded "another sign" will be manifested to the world: "God veils the sky and the stars will be blackened, the sun shall be veiled with a cloud and the moon shall not give its light." Ezekiel 32.7

At that time, the prophet Ezekiel will reappear in Israel: "I will make a horn sprout for the house of Israel and I will cause you to speak out in their midst." Ezekiel 29.21


The other prophet who is to reappear before the coming of the Lord (Messiah) is Elijah and he will come to help reconcile the Jews otherwise, "none would survive." Elijah specifically has to: "Reconcile fathers to sons and sons to fathers." Malachi 4.6

As we have already seen, bitterness between family members, is a symptom of our selfish times and it has "very serious" consequences.

Some Bible scholars believe that Moses will also be returning at this time because he appeared to Jesus with Elijah.


The few Egyptians who will manage to escape the wrath of the North, will be scattered amongst the nations. Syria (Damascus) will devastated and her people scattered; her young men will work as labourers for the Northern Alliance and be a traitor to the Arabs: "Plant your gardens in honour of Adonis" (the Destroyer).

As a consequence, Syria will be directly dealt-with, through Divine Retribution:- "Assyria shall fall by the sword not wielded by man." Isaiah 31-33


Lebanon (Tyre, Siddon), Saudi Arabia (Kedar), the Sinai, the Jordanians and Palestinians (Moab, Ammon, Edom) will also be hit by severe famines and suffer major loss of life.

Daniel (11.41) says that although Edom, Moab and a large part of Ammon will be attacked, they will survive the wrath of Gog.


Eventually Gog: "Hears of the rumours from the East and the North and he departs in a rage to exterminate many." The western and far-eastern nations will have finally consolidated themselves for a massive offensive and will come-up against the Northern Alliance at a location between the Mount of Olives (Jerusalem) and the sea in an area known as Armageddon and that is where Gog's horde will finally meet their fiery-end.

"Armageddon" is the Greek translation for "Har Megiddo" or Mt. Megiddo in northern Israel, a location where Israel maintains a key military installation.


The Lord will approach the battle-scene (and the world) from the "eastern sky" and: "On that day the light of the moon will be like that of the sun and the light of the sun will be seven times greater." Isaiah 30.26


The Lord will destroy the entire Northern army and judge all the nations of the world whose respective armies, will be assembled there at that time. Zechariah 12 even foretells of the "ones who pierced Him (ie. as Jesus), will be there."


It will take "All the surviving Israelites, seven months to bury the corpses," Ezekiel 39.12.

The beast and the false prophet will be hurled-down into a fiery pool of burning sulfur and thereafter, the Lord will rule the world from the holy Mount of Olives in the New Jerusalem.


The Lord Incarnate is the Divine Witness (Word), the Lamb that was slain for the world:- "A white horse appeared; its rider was called "Faithful and True." -Justice is His standard. -His name was the Word of God and out of His mouth came a sharp sword for striking down the nations." Revelation 19:11-16

In order to be specific in this regard, Daniel (4.13) refers to Him as "A Watcher, a Holy One coming down from heaven."


It is also interesting to see the similarity in the prophesy from Hinduism via the Srimad Bhagavad (12) in this regard, which says that the Lord will appear among the mortals in "His sattvic form as Kalki" (ie. in the manner of Divine Justice and Order); riding on His celestial horse, named, Devadutta (meaning devotee of God).

He will exterminate "robbers" who bear "royal names by the "millions" to restore a moral sense to the people until they enjoy security and peace.

Kalki is said to be the: "destroyer of the wicked and the liberator of the world from its enemies."


Zechariah (4.6) also makes reference to "robbers" and describes a flying scroll that enters the house of the "thief and perjurer" to remain there until all its timbers and stones are demolished. The robber is ultimately, the false personality either individually or collectively, but, on the global perspective it represents the Northern Army, its allies and other countries and peoples who will decide to pillage and plunder their weaker or less fortunate, neighbours.


The description of the Lord in 2 Esdras 13, supports the sattvic description in the Srimad Bhagavad in that it is written that the: "Lord's breath will pour-forth, fire and storm upon evil."

This Reference then proceeds to clarify that the Lord's convictions represent the storm, the flame corresponds to the taunting of evil through tortures and the fire represents the Law which will destroy them without effort.


"Divine Truth will be Incarnated as the Almighty Lord."


Both the Old Testament and the Srimad Bhagavad say that the Lord will be "fair-skinned" (Caucasian) whereas, in a dark age or Kali Yuga, He is said to don a dark skin.

The Lord will reappear in the sky as he once left.


I once had a very vivid dream of the end of times and the reappearance of the Lord: In my dream I was on a terrace or a raised deck around my home with two little girls. The area was full of pot-plants and a very large tree grew on one side.

I happened to notice that the plants were starting to give-off smoke, the flowers were being singed and then I sensed a stillness and strangeness around me. I immediately looked upwards at the sky and an approaching brilliance dazzled my eyes, I knew that Jesus was coming and I was completely "enraptured."

The two little girls were very frightened so I took them by the hand and we stepped down from the terrace to sit at the base of the large tree. They sat on either side of me while I continued to hold their hands. I was trying to reassure them and tell them not to fear, when in an instant, I sensed that our spirits were leaving our bodies to be united with the Lord in the sky. It was truly beautiful:-


"After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever." 1 Thessalonians 4.17



Who are the key players

Some Bible scholars believe that the initial causes of this final struggle can be traced back to Abraham's sons, namely, Ishmael and Isaac; but according to Scripture, a flood destroyed all the world's inhabitants with the exception of Noah and his family. The cause must therefore have continued through Noah.

After the flood, Noah cursed his son named, Ham (who had a son named Canaan) for seeing him naked in his tent (Genesis 9.26) and this curse can be seen as a cause of the strife that is to come, for it specified that his son Japeth "would extend his bounds" to dwell in the tents of his other son named "Shem" and that Canaan would be their slave.

From Japeth came Gomer, Magog, Tubal, Meshech, Javan and Madai. The Western nations were the progeny of Javan, whereas, from Ham's line, came Lydia (Asia Minor) and Babylonia.


Ezekiel tells us who the leader of Gog really is and gives one of the reasons why Egypt must suffer all those dire consequences; In a thirteen year siege between 587-574 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia (Chaldea), went against the City of Tyre and eventually took it, but, because of the protracted siege, its resources and the booty was very small.

Tyre had become very evil in those days and the king was fulfilling earlier prophesy.

Another time when the bloodthirsty Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem, the Egyptian Pharaoh Hophra came to the aid of the Jews and according to the prophet, even though Egypt was repelled by the Chaldeans, they had interfered with the Divine punishment of the kingdom of Judah.

In line with the above, the prophet Daniel (4.13) had a dream in which Nebuchadnezzar was cast-out from among men, to dwell with beasts for seven years:- "Let his mind be changed from the human; let him be given the sense of a beast, till seven years pass over him."

Gog's reign will last for seven years to fulfil prophecy; until the Lord assumes complete sovereignty.


Jeremiah 25.9 endorses all this as well: "I will summon all the tribes of the north, says the Lord, I will send my servant Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. I will bring them against this land (Israel) and all its inhabitants and all these nations round it."

The spirit of Nebuchadnezzar will be reincarnated as Gog and Hophra is to reap his direct wrath.


The other national leaders in the Northern Alliance and of the Arab nations no doubt, all have similar dark karmic-backgrounds. Some who are destined to lead at "the time of the end," may be already in power now, eg., look at the wicked-characteristics of the leader of Iraq as defined by Scripture which seem to match those of the current leader:- "Proud, arrogant, insolent, one who has ruined his land and slain his people." Isaiah 13.14

This also relates to the vision of Zechariah (5.6) of a great barrel which enclosed a woman called "Wickedness" with a lid of lead and was sent to a new home in the land of Shinar. Shinar was a tribal region of Babylonia situated in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and which now includes the area between Baghdad and Babylon.


It is believed that the leaders of Iran, Syria and Libya have promoted terrorism for some time and are currently arming their nations with nuclear warheads and other weapons of mass destruction. Together with the Palestinians, these Arab States are seething with abhorrence towards Israel, because of the right wing policies of its current conservative government, which seems to be preoccupied with enhancing its own interests, regardless of what any previous government may have agreed to, with the Arabs. This stance can only spread dissension and promote strife in the area.


Is Prime Minister Netanyahu, the spanner in the works; is he going to be the one who causes the nations to turn against Israel? A recently published book entitled "The Bible Code" appears to say just that and seems to also suggest that he will be killed. The book goes as far as linking Arafat and Hafez Asad of Syria with the "end of days" through a hidden code which was discovered through the aid of computer, in the ancient Hebrew version of early Books of the Bible. It "highlights" that we are in the last days "now," through the direct use of these leaders' names.

Oh Israel do you still not realise that the 'Six Day War' with your Arab neighbours was David and Goliath all over again. The Lord was on your side then so that you could recapture lands, which He had promised, to your forefathers long ago. Who is there amongst you that think they can trade away what He has given to you, for a semblance of peace?

Look closely at all of this, - out of the entire world your nation is tiny by comparison, but nevertheless it has been reserved for His chosen people. Which other nation has ever been given this right?

I pray for you Oh Israel and especially for you dear Jerusalem for my Lord was born in thee, instead of seeking your Lord and God in your year of Jubilee, you have placed your trust in the vanity of men and thereby, instead of peace you have attracted the Lord's wrath upon your heads.

Obey His Voice, be guided by His Word, repent of your recurrent foolishness forthwith!


How often has the modern world witnessed and looked-on in utter disbelief at the "super-egos" of some of these leaders? A newspaper article in the Melbourne Herald Sun, carried a picture of Saddam Hussein overlooking a model of the world's largest Mosque, which he is planning to construct in Baghdad. Incredibly, he plans to name it, "the Grand Saddam."


I have been continually led to Isaiah 29 in which the Spirit addresses Jerusalem as "Ariel." In this Reference I believe God is also addressing the leader of Israel at the time of their final invasion by the hordes of Magog, in order to let his chosen people know of the immanence of the tribulation, so that they can prepare themselves for what will follow.

I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu role will come to a dramatic end in the near future and the next most senior cabinet minister, namely Ariel Sharon, will succeed him to lead his party. The tribulation will be preceded by a significant "rebellion of the citizens of Jerusalem" and then the man of lawlessness (ie. Gog) is to be revealed.

The Lord of Hosts has paid a ransom for His faithful according to Scripture and a certain number of His chosen, must therefore be accounted for. Divine Law allowed the leeway to the power of evil to rule the universal kingdom, provided it worked within its strict decrees. Both chaos and entropy follow natural law:

"I am the Lord and there is none else, I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil; I, the Lord, do all these things." Isaiah 45.7

The devotee of the Lord should therefore, view every key player and army in the global conflict as being directed by the Divine Hand of Justice. Each warring party will be there for a different reason; the cataclysmic attacks of "fire and brimstone" have all been prophesied for many years and there appears to be no way of avoiding the apocalypse. Prayer can lessen its effects. Interestingly, the Greek word "apocalypse" means to "uncover or reveal."

"Deliver my soul from the wicked with is Thy sword; from men which are Thy Hand , O Lord, from men of the world." Psalm 17:13


No one knows for sure when the end will be and Jesus said Aonly the Father knows." I believe we have already entered into this period of the last days and calamities will consequently, be experienced more frequently, especially in the Mid-East and even more so, when the power of evil possesses Gog and secures control of Turkey.


Although I only place reliance on Scripture for these types of prophesies, it is interesting to note what Nostradamus (10.72 and 6.80) predicted in this regard:-"In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come the great king of terror. He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols." "The great man of Asia (Minor) with a great troop by land and sea so that blues, perse, he will drive out the cross to death."


The hidden code in the Torah presents two different years as probabilities for the holocaust to occur, namely 2000 and 2006. Two years are given, to represent the duration of the next world war and the term is in line with the different prophecies!


Those who survive the test, will be very blessed indeed and Revelation describes many of the faithful standing in white robes before the Lord.

Isaiah (19.25) says this very beautifully:-"Blessed be my people Egypt and the works of my hands Assyria and my inheritance, Israel." Each nation which survives, will play a special role for the Lord in the golden age that is to follow Egypt, Syria and Israel will be healed and sit at the holy center of the new world and the small remnant of Palestinians, will be like another Israeli tribe.



The Nations

Gog will single out Christians and Jews. The nations will trample over the holy lands for three and a half years and the inhabitants that hold firmly to the Lord will be persecuted by the invaders:-"Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me." Matthew 24.9

Initially the Israelites will be made scapegoats by the nations and will be blamed for all the conflict in their area. Patience and tolerance will run very thin even with Israel's former friends and some will abandon them, in their time of dire-need.


The prophetic warning to the nations is very clear: "Those against Israel will be destroyed." The strong and the able are meant to help the victim and the weak, especially if they are both meant to emulate righteousness! They are certainly not meant to allay themselves with bloodthirsty perpetrators.


The nations have been given the "Parable of the Good Samaritan" to demonstrate what is expected of them. The unfortunate victim in this parable had been set upon by thieves and was severely injured and left to die on the roadside like a common animal. The "locals" saw him and ignored him and continued on their way. The Good Samaritan, who came from "afar," was a good man and helped the victim.


What will the Prime Ministers and Presidents of our respective countries recount when they are judged by the Lord for their "actions and intentions" in relation to their policies and in regards to Israel, as the parallel to this parable?


The nations are all meant to be "righteous disciples of the sanctity of Life" not death: "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations." Mark 28.19

A disciple in this context is a humanitarian action, an agent who acts as a vehicle for the apostle who in turn, is the wise-student of the Lord (Truth).

In the spiritual languages of archaic Hebrew and Sanskrit, there is a direct correlation between a name of a person and his subtle role eg. Paul means 'little one of God," ie. humbleness, childlike; Joseph means "God will increase" ie. grace, spiritual prosperity.

The twelve apostles named in Scripture represent foundation stones of "special virtues," whereas, their respective disciples are representative of nations, which are meant to follow their lead, through the performance of "noble or humanitarian deeds." This truth was depicted in Acts 6, of the New Testament when the disciples were appointed to wait (work) on the tables of converts to relieve the apostles:- "It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the Word of God in order to wait on tables."


The leaders of each nation will be judged on both their "motives and deeds" in regards to their foreign policies especially in relation to their peacekeeping initiatives and humanitarian assistance to the more unfortunate countries crippled by poverty, natural catastrophes, famines, disease, etc.

Each will also have to provide an accounting for their domestic policies on such issues as human rights, payments to common labourers (including taxes), caring for the underprivileged, eg. orphans, single parents, elderly, indigenous people, sick and disabled etc. (the least of God's people).

Children and women's rights, the treatment of resident-aliens, freedom of speech and religion etc; caring for the environment and natural resources, drug legalisation, abortion and euthanasia will also need to be accounted-for.


Oh political leaders, a law degree and being elected by your constituents does not make you good and secure in your positions of authority. Power has been granted to you by God and that is the first thing you must realise. Examine your innovative policies very carefully, in that awareness.

Doctors of medicine, your Hippocratic oath extends to serving the dignity of Divine Life in humanity.

Nurses, those who suffer and are near death in the beds of your hospitals and nursing homes are providing you with an opportunity to love your own selves and to channel the Mercy of the Creator to the poor unfortunates in your societies. "Putting them out of sight will not put them out of your minds."

Do not embrace abortion, for every unborn soul has a supreme purpose to fulfil, do not allow the killing of an unborn child, to be your own sentence of death! Do the mothers of these unborn children really have the right over their own bodies, tell me, did they piece bodies together, in their mother's wombs?

Proponents of abortion are pro-death, the disgraceful killing of unborn children by their own mothers! Realise that there is only One Author for every life and only He determines how that life is to be ended!


There is no coincidence that euthanasia has been commonly termed "mercy killing," because, the fool kills the Grace of Mercy within their own selves. When they will need grace, it will not be there for them.


Each apostle initially spread the good news to a different nation or to a group of nations and this was not done through "coincidence." Similarly, John did not receive the "revelation of the end" in a secluded cave on the island of Patmos in Greece, by mere chance! -Greece will be in the middle of the conflict.


Each country should be embracing the "specific teachings" of the particular apostle who visited them in the past, in order to determine what their international roles are meant to be, eg. Thomas went to India, Paul specifically addressed the righteous intellects, in Greece, Rome (representing Western Europe), Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Malta etc.

I also believe the Spirit of Jesus addressed the Israelites directly, for no one really knows who the author of the Letter to Hebrews was in the New Testament and if time and circumstances permitted, another book could possibly be written, purely to address the nations in this regard!


Those countries which were not visited by an apostle, should try to determine their roles through their own traditions eg. the teachings of Buddha with those of Christ suggests a compassionate servitude to the those countries that are in dire need, whereas, the teachings of Krishna or Mohammed with those of Christ would suggest, teaching, defending and reuniting roles etc.

The Lord is returning and that is why His teachings must be recognised in all faiths.


The Western Nations should be trying to marry the Truths in their own traditions, with those in the other faiths; just think, how does God view the broad spectrum of peoples in the world, does He see us all dressed as Jews, Muslims or Christians or as His children, who do not know Him despite the traditional uniforms we choose to wear?


The newer nations of the West which have become melting-pots of languages, races and creeds should embrace the teachings of every apostle and all the major religions, for they have a broader role to play, which includes peacekeeping.

Let your churches emulate your diverse types of restaurants which do not discriminate against patrons and provide a choice in their menus, to satisfy different tastes: "Blest are the lowly, they shall inherit the land; Blest are they who show mercy, mercy shall be theirs; Blest too are the peacemakers, they shall be called sons of God." Matthew 5



The Global Village

Regrettably, most nations have historically been like wealthy and arrogant neighbours living in luxurious homes within a small village. Each person works as a merchant peddling their respective wares, trying to keep-up with or gain a material advantage over the others.

This small town is owned by a very powerful and wealthy landlord who has allowed the respective tenants the use of his land, free of charge, but, one rule he set with each family before they moved-in, was "to love me and also love your neighbour as your Self;" however, what they have all practiced is the very opposite.


The tenants are all very peculiar, the members of one family have become robbers, another family cannot contain their lust, another is cruel and aggressive and is always starting fights and so on.

Over the years, some of these people even banded together through hatred and prejudice, to overcome weaker neighbours of different creeds, customs, skin colouring, etc.

Each covets the other's land and possessions and each has constructed fences to protect themselves from each other. You can well appreciate that this neighbourhood is not built on mutual trust nor on fairness, which the landowner hoped would prevail.


One good family (Abraham) travelled from very far (Ur in Iraq) to this community at the behest of the landowner. "Perhaps they could be an example to all the others," the landowner thought to himself. He desired to see goodwill and harmony grace his little village, not destruction of property and life, brought about by their continual aggressions towards each other.


Although this family arrived when all the homes were occupied, the landowner carved-off a tiny strip of land from adjoining estates in order to accommodate them.

The land he allotted to them was arid of poor quality and it was also meant to be, an affront to the existing tenants who had become evil. The former tenants were very angry; "how could he do this to us" they exclaimed.


The new family built themselves a small but very warm and noble home and the father had a child through one of the local women (Egypt-Hagar), because his wife had been infertile, but, notwithstanding all this, the neighbours despised them even more.

Instead of welcoming them into their neighbourhood to please the landowner, the wealthy neighbours continually conspired to retake the tiny parcel of land from them. They wanted to maintain a certain neighbourhood standard after all, one that was geared to their own liking.

Over time, the new tenants became crafty and sly and thrived very well, however, they ended-up adopting the same selfish-attitudes and characteristics of their neighbours and on many occasions, they were even worse than them. This disappointed the landlord immensely; he had hoped that at the very least he would be appreciated for his kindness and from time to time, expected some nominal gesture of gratitude from each of the tenants. Instead of thanksgiving they ended up despising him, because of the greed and envy that they held for one another!


Centuries have passed and from that one noble family, three different creeds of righteousness have blossomed. Although the village has grown in size, its inhabitants remain divided by race, language and the traditions of the three creeds.


Why do all these "brothers" not realise that their Benefactor is their Father Who is very patient, extremely just and knows all their conspiracies? Will He not be forced to eventually evict all those who have been disrespectful from their homes and give their properties to those who have tried to do good?


It is written that the "poor will inherit the earth" and 2 Esdras 33-38, says that Israel will be inherited by the surviving Israelis and a nation from the East; a people who trust in God and will do His bidding, even though they have not been given any signs. They will perceive by the Spirit (Truth) and believe all that the Lord has said!

Esdras also lists the names of fifteen ancient prophets who will be appointed to lead them.


Our Omnipotent and Omnipresent God does not want our personal sacrifices, He wants us to "know" Him personally, so that we can truly love Him as our Spiritual Self. His anointing is very tangible and He is not unreachable. His Word declares that!

He wants to express Himself through His 'followers' for the benefit of all the captivated and oppressed people in the world: "Loyalty is My desire, not sacrifice, not whole-offerings but the knowledge of God." Hosea 6.6


The small parcel of land known as Israel may be very insignificant in comparison to the rest of the world and that is why it has been traditionally referred to as "the navel" of the earth. The Old Testament however, refers to it as the very "heart of the world."

Israel is a global spiritual-centre for learning; Jerusalem is meant to be a centre of "peace," not war, for that is what her name implies and consequently, Israel will be a "stumbling block" for many nations.


The various Arab neighbours and in fact all nations, should employ due-diligence when it comes to dealing with Israel; whatever any country undertakes in that regard, should be done "in full respectfulness" to the Lord.


God has historically used that small desert-tract for His prophets to teach those of us who have traditionally looked "to the exterior" for fulfilment; who have continually worshipped the many "golden-idols" of personal-ideology (desires).


The long-drawn Middle-Eastern saga is there to enlighten eyes that have been darkened by the fleeting attractions, of objective materialism. Israel's continual struggle for survival is meant to be a light of truth for all nations and as a result, her re-occurring hardships over the centuries, have been very pronounced and immediate, to make them "more evident."

Israelites should see this as a special grace, for other nations and peoples, will not know why they have to suffer when it happens at a much later time.


It was hoped that the Gentiles (nations) could see Israel's extreme predicaments unfold one after another throughout the course of history and logically reason to themselves, that they were not coincidental. From that conclusion, it was hoped that people would turn to righteousness and to the Lord.


It was also expected that the different nations would have treated resident Jews with equality and fairness during their long term of exile in their respective lands!

Those nations that absconded with Jewish wealth when they were being persecuted in the past, will have a lot of explaining to do. Even the Koran says that the robbers are to be singled-out on that "Day."

Every word uttered by one of the ancient prophets tells us of our own personal follies, every story contained in Scripture, regardless of its religious-origins in the world, paints portraits of ourselves, personally and collectively as nations, to enable us to see who we have been all along.


In the above example; the benevolent-landowner had instructed all the tenants to do what was right and to call on him for assistance when it was needed. Those who adhered to his rules wholeheartedly could earn the right to manage his various other estates with him.


Anyone can only be addressed or called respectfully by the use of their own proper name; to call someone "sir, boss or lord" will not do, especially if he has been the sole support of our families and ourselves, all along.


His Proper Name (YAOHU, IAM, YAH) needs to be addressed with "endearment" and not with the coldness of formality or obligation! If we have forgotten what His Name is then we must do whatever it takes to secure It once again.

There are many people praying to the Father every second of every day in the four cardinal directions of the world and this is allegorised by the four beasts "full" of eyes (inner spiritual eyes) in the Book of Revelation, however, look at what the next Reference says, do we really know what our Divine Father and His Anointed One is called?

"There is no one who invokes Thee by Name or rouses himself to "cling" to Thee." Isaiah 64.7


Many nations have forgotten all about their Landlord (Divine Nature) let alone His benevolent Name even His people who carry His Name are downtrodden: "My Name continually everyday is blasphemed." Isaiah 53:6


Isaiah (65.16) gives us the special Name of the Lord as the Word which we can invoke even during the final tribulation:- "He who invokes a blessing on himself in the land shall do so by the God Whose Name is, "Amen."

David informed us that the Name of the Most High God is "YAH" (Psalm 68), however, this is a derivative a of "YAO HU."


According to the Srimad Bhagavata, the technique for Self-Realisation in the golden age is attainable through "intense concentration" on Lord Vishnu ie. Pure Consciousness as the Word/Lord and many people are already meditating in this manner now. The transition to the golden age is well underway!


The Israelites were brought to the holy lands for a special purpose, namely, to positively influence (lead) their new neighbours through their righteous example. Over the centuries however, they continually ignored their agreements with the "Land Lord" (Commandments and Statutes) and have killed his messengers (prophets).

Because Lord Jesus came to die for the sins of the world, that is an entirely different matter, none of us would be here if he had not done so; however, Scripture tells us that the towns where Jesus performed miracles, will be completely devastated.


Do the Israelites have any more rights to their land than their respective neighbours have to theirs, especially when they have done all that they have done, to each other?

Israel's past acts cannot be reversed nor atoned with good deeds, she must now develop an "abiding love for Truth," for only within the Law of Truth which is the Holy Spirit, can sins be forgiven.

Because the Israelites were treated harshly by the Pharaoh in the past and he was put to shame by the Divine Hand, Israel must be certain to treat all the resident aliens in her lands with equality and fairness now. This truth applies to all the other nations as well.

Israel will suffer enormously at the "end of times" according to both Zechariah and Malachi (13.8): - 'Two thirds of them shall be cut-off and perish." The world will be made largely desolate, only the "deserving" will survive.


The onslaught of terror and death, the likes of which we have never seen before, is soon to come upon the earth. Oh Israel, my heart already mourns very deeply for you, you are the apple in the Eye of the Lord and yet a terrible desolation is nigh upon you. I have been given a pre-taste of the extreme anguish that is to fall on you.

This is your year of jubilee (fifty years after being resettled in your lands) and special favours are to be bestowed upon you by the Lord. You will secure a very temporary peace and prosperous hour with the Palestinians and Syrians because of it and this will also facilitate a short period of time when the Bible can be preached in Israel and the Middle East.

However, because you have decided to jump-out of the frying pan of problems with your Arab neighbours into the burning fire of destruction by entering into two agreements with Turkey, your future is very bleak. (One of these agreements is in the area of cooperative search and rescue missions, which includes the USA and the other, enables Israel to land war planes on Turkish soil. Israel is really hoping to expand its military alliances with Turkey for defensive reasons.)

Israel, you are meant to turn to the Lord for all your woes not to the false sense of protection that other men offer, why have you not learnt this from similar errors in your past? You are doing the same thing all over again.

This time however, the Lord will not return to help you until you acknowledge and bless Him as having already come to you as Jesus, with the same words that the citizens of Jerusalem used when he entered the first time:

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings, and ye would not. Behold your house is left unto you desolate, For I say unto you, Ye shall not see Me henceforth, till ye shall say: Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord." Matthew 23: 38-9


I believe that between October 1998 to October 1999 we will see a much greater out-pouring of Spirit on all the nations of the world for the favour of God has always passed first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles and this also applies with the end of Israel's jubilee.

Similarly, the woes which will later fall upon Israel will impact on the nations which now exist within the boundaries of the Old Greek Empire and then, on the rest of the world.

Look for new defensive military alliances in this period between various countries in the old boundaries of the Greek Empire with Turkey, including Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan-Ethiopia and other former states of the former Soviet Union. Perhaps Gog will also rise up to assume power during this period.


Christians, you have been greatly advantaged through Israel's errors and loss. Enter into prayers of intercession for our Jewish brothers, praying that their hearts may be opened to Jesus; "Oh blessed is He, who comes in the Name of the Lord! "

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee." Psalm 122

What happens in Israel will then come upon you!

The forthcoming period of hardship will test people's resolve to Truth, it will test their loyalty to the Lord and their commitment in surrendering their personal fallacies. However, the powers of evil will be attempting to set-up global strongholds to discredit the Divine Nature of God in denying His Son. This is the key truth for humanity's salvation (or enlightenment). Stand firm! "Without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you. That is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved - and that by God." Philippians 1:28

If you have not begun to kill your personal illusions (lower carnal nature) now and continue to hold the Spirit of Truth within yourselves in personal unrighteousness, you may be forced to give-up your physical bodies when that time arrives as proof of your loyalty to Him. Die willingly for the holy Name now, to secure eternal Life:- "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the Truth in unrighteousness." Romans 1:18


Your personal actions (identifications) have all been performed in ignorance and through ignorance and thus are sin. They will be witnesses against you and condemn you, for "you will not have the love of God in you" (John 5:24).

A tree is known by its fruit and so hearts and intellects are known by what they also produce: "Jesus answered them, I told you, and you believed not: the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me." John 10:25


Oh peoples of many countries, rise in praise to glorify the holy Name of "YAH" ("IAM") with me, let us exalt Him with our all hearts, souls, minds and strength! Also exalt the Father "in" the Name of Jesus the Christ, for the Lord is to reign on earth. Be aware that "both" holy Names are needed, otherwise we would not now have both, 'Jesus' and Hallelu-yah" for as the Divine Nature leads us to Truth and Love, so do these Names. Otherwise, they would not be both promised as rewards, in Revelation 3.12.

Always sing in the joy of: "Amen, Halleu-Yah" over and over again, so that you can learn to see our Lord and God in each other and in our world as: Life, Consciousness, Intelligence, Love-Eternal.

Oh my soul, rise-up, rise-up and embrace your Lord and God!



A golden age for the new world

"When the moon, the sun and the mighty planet (Jupiter) will rise together in one house and the constellation Pusha will be ascending, the wise will know that the golden age has commenced." Srimad Bhagavad 12

The term "the end of times" used in Scripture, is an "ego-less-state," when both universal and personal consciousness of change and motion are displaced to a secondary position by their essential Light of Truth which is always unchanging and in the 'eternal present'. God never changes nor does His Light.

Time is also transcended, thus, the usage of "the end-times."


According to John's Revelation;- "A new heaven and a new earth is formed, and there will be no more Sea (Causality)."

A totally "new Being" (or a universe of higher understanding) is manifested into prominence, after the old field (old world consciousness) which was overrun by noxious weeds, brambles and thistles has been cleared by burning.


For the individual, the enlightened state will be seen to transcend the illusionary one we currently take as being real and it is already "upon us":- "The Most High has created not one world, but two." 2 Esdras 7.50

We are already living in the "Spirit or in His Glorious Image" and are thus, eternal. Eternity is impregnated into our hearts by our Heavenly Father from our birth.


The dark veils of illusion that currently exists between the inner (Pure Consciousness) and outer sanctuary (personal mind) will no longer be there. The outer was only a copy:-

"They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy or shadow of what is in heaven." Hebrews 8.5


The Lord will completely destroy both universal powers of evil, ie. ignorance and desire:-"The Lord will punish with His sword that is cruel, great and strong, Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the coiled serpent; and He will slay the dragon that is in the sea." Isaiah 27.1

Babylon (the power of selfish Desire) working as the unfaithful, ungrateful, grasping and scheming-heart is destroyed and replaced by the "Golden New City of Jerusalem," (the Sacred-Heart) which is named the "City of Truth." This City is the New Consciousness - Christ Consciousness.

Man's concepts of possession of "what is mine, his etc." are to be completely removed personally, globally and universally. Mammon is to be destroyed, money, trade, stocks and bonds will be useless! Thus, our normal principles and values in relation to money, trade and profit (consumerism) will no longer bind us.

Merchants and manufacturers will be left with warehouses full of unwanted goods.

Our international financial centres will die (through melt-downs) and this is why Jeremiah (50 and 51) provides two prophecies regarding Babylon immediately following each other. One relates to the geographic location of Mammon in Iraq and Asia Minor and the other, to the universal power, the "wickedness" in people's heart-centres whose expression of "matter" is covered in desire.

Desire is the "mother of every whoring human heart" and that is the meaning "implied" in Revelation 17.5.

"For the blood of all who had been done to death on earth was found in her." -"The fruit you longed for," they will say, is gone from you; all the glitter and the glamour are lost." Revelation 18:14


It is believed that coinage "first began" in the province of Lydia (or Lud) located in Asia Minor during the Mycenaean period (1500-1100 BC.) because of the abundant gold deposits in that region. That was an era of great prosperity in Greece brought about by extensive undertakings in trade, agriculture and war. It was also a time when the Greeks worshipped the many gods of Mount Olympus.


Because Iraq and Lydia are implied by Scripture, to be the global-abode of Mammon, they and the surrounding coastal areas and islands of the South East Mediterranean and Aegean Sea (including Greece) which saw the origin of global-ignorance, will become fierce battlefield and be completely devastated.

Scripture also specifically mentions the island of Crete in this regard.

After the City of Baghdad is blotted-out by the Northern Alliance, Lydia (Asia Minor) and the surrounding region will be attacked and destroyed according to prophesy.

Every righteous person living in these areas have been beckoned by Scripture to leave forthwith, if they do not wish be caught-up in their immanent destruction and this caution, also extends to those residing in Syria and Egypt.


With the end of "evil Desire," a Divine Union will transpire which is spoken in Revelation 21.10 as:- "The New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, which is the wife of the Lamb."

What this means on the individual level, is, the enlightened heart becomes a spotless-abode filled by the resplendent Light and Love of God. 

Everyone who hears the Father's Words through a holy mouth of a "Son of God" will be specially blessed, for they hear the Holy Spirit speaking. His new heart-centre will be a perfect devoted temple for God the Father and God the Son according to Scripture. Both the Father and the Son will come and make their place with him or her.

All ignorance pertaining to universal and personal mind is completely overshadowed by the purity of the Divine Aura of Consciousness. The newly perfected son will know that the Divine Soul is one with his own field of consciousness and that the Divine Nature within himself is the Supreme Self:- "To share the image of His Son, that the Son might be the first-born of many brothers." Romans 8.29


Katha Upanishad similarly confirms the destination of the successful intellect is within the embrace of its sublime Soul:- "That the end of the journey is when the supreme abode of Vishnu, the All-Pervading is reached."


On the global perspective, Revelation (21.21), provides additional clarity on the Divine Incarnation and the nature of enlightenment:- "I saw no temple in the city (the New Jerusalem); for its temple was the sovereign Lord God and the Lamb. And the city had no need of sun or moon to shine upon it; for the Glory of God gave it Light, and its Lamp was the Lamb. By its light shall the nations walk, and the kings of the earth shall bring into it all their splendour."


When the son of man, ie. the ego dies, the universal-ego is also defeated. The rightful heir to the universe is the "Lamb" (the Divine Witness), however, the above Reference has made an interesting distinction by telling us that the Lamb is also the "Lamp" ie. the enlightened intellect. What this means is, the "glorification" of the Word has brought Divine Truth directly into the intellect as the All Knowing Self.

The allegory of the "Lamb" not only attributes recognition to the incarnated Word as Jesus, but, also to the individual intellect for "surrendering its personality (overcoming)," as the Master did.

The above reference also confirms that the enlightened believer's heart is none other than the Sovereign Lord God Himself and consequently, there is no further need for a temple in His kingdom and Mundakopanishad (chapter 2, section 2), describes this same Truth as follows:-

"He is All-Wise and All-Knowing and His, verily is this Glory. In the sky of the heart, the luminous city of Brahman. He is established, clothed in mind and guiding life and body.


God and His Will (Word) are resurrected or incarnated together as the Spiritual Self of the individual. -They were never apart to begin with! Thereafter, whatever an enlightened intellect wills, its "sacred-heart" lovingly manifests. Whatever wish surfaces from the heart will be "completely self-less" (ie. compassionate, merciful, righteous etc.) and will be for the good of all humanity and every creature.


The perfected son is no longer a "normal person" even if he retains a physical body for sometime; he becomes a law unto Himself, because, he has undergone a Divine transformation. It is therefore, considered extremely fortunate, to meet an enlightened Being, for he gives renewed-life and light to everyone around him. The glory of God permeates him.

Similarly, a true prophet should not be underestimated nor denigrated for he is the very "mouth-piece" (or servant) of the Lord, regardless of whether he has directly realised the holy words he voices, or not.

It is obvious, that an Incarnation of the Lord in a believer is even higher than a prophet (servant) for he has then truly become a Son of the Most High.


The above reference explains why many descriptions of Jesus have him possessing a "sacred heart." King Solomon had asked God for an "understanding heart" and we now have clarity on what exactly, he was asking for.


From the global perspective, the Incarnated Lord will reside on the holy Mount of Olives near Jerusalem. This "mountain will be raised above the others" to represent, the Holy Witness coming into sovereignty over the false representations of the intellect and heart or the western and eastern cultures globally.


Universal and Divine Consciousness of Christ is to become the "enlightened Church or Body" in which the Lord as Truth will be manifested and each nation and person will play a special role "within" Him. Herein also lie specific clues for our pastors, priests and rabbis, etc. on how they should be involving themselves in spreading wisdom and goodwill in the world, at this point in time.

The church of Truth is formed by a collection of "raised units" of individual consciousnesses and not by raising structures of lifeless stone. "The universe itself is to be freed from the shackles of mortality and enters upon the liberty and splendour of the children of God." Romans 8.21

Note that the universe lives in God's children and not vice versa! It would have to be this way for the Bible tells us we all exist in Christ, we live and move and have our being in Him. All things are through Him and in Him.


"The Only Begotten Son shall inherit the earth" and He shall be the first born of many brethren (individual minds and hearts). As prophesied, all the nations will gather-up their unique riches (materially and of the Spirit) in Him and for Him. (Isaiah 60.4)

Another description of the enlightened-heart (or the New Jerusalem) taken from Revelation 22.3, follows;- "On each side of the river of the water of life, stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. The throne of God and of the Lamb (Lamp) will be in the city. There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Glory of God will give them light."


Two trees of life have been manifested within this "holy land" to feed all the nations of the world. All the special "truths and virtues" will radiate through the Incarnated Lord to touch every heart either directly or through His elect:- "My heart is pure Sattva (Truth) wherein abides Dharma (the virtues) and you are born from that heart." Srimad Bhagavata 5.5


On the individual level, an enlightened son sets perfect examples of conduct for everyone, so that they can follow the "proven path of virtue," that he has already completed. Each son has travelled in his own manner and way and can impart his own peculiar specialties (gifts) to others, despite their varying temperaments. To be close to a Son of God is to be "healed" for they are the privileged trustees (elect) of Truth in the universe. They are the "cosmic-priests and kings."


It is obvious, that we cannot judge nor assess these holy-beings by the way they may appear to us on the outside, especially if they "seem" to retain a slight sense of "I" in order to function in the world through physical bodies. Their sins related to past personal errors have been rendered impotent (burnt).


Liberated souls up to the present day, continue to reap some of the physical effects from their past acts in order to survive in the material realm. But, they do not identify with them and are like a person who after waking-up from sleep, reflects on the emotional dream he experienced, without any attachment. Their Vision is always of One Bliss. The Liberated in the golden age will be different for one major thing, the Lord will be also there in a physical body amongst them.

Do not judge those special people who are seeking holiness for even a broom will get dusty on its exterior if it is used to clean a whole house, but, that dust can be easily shaken off. As a Son progresses spiritually; worldly and fleshy emotions and intellectualisation cannot cling to him, although he may appear to work with that dust in others.

Let us worry about cleaning our own houses first, before judging them, for amazingly, as one removes the personal-dirt and soot inside themselves, they become less and less! Only from meekness is the Spirit of Truth raised.


Revelation 22 also tells us that the medicine to cure all our physical and mental ailments can be found in the leaves of these two trees, namely as the fruits of devoted-actions and wisdom.



The new temple of heart

The twelve virtues (depicted by the apostle's names) represent the foundation stones of the new heart-centre (Temple) which are in effect Love in Her various expressions; eg. honesty in self-assessment, compassion, devotion, wisdom, peacefulness, fearlessness, desirelessness, charity, faith, mercy, energy, hope, strength, patience, forgiveness, sincerity, humility, harmlessness etc.

When you think about it, these loving-virtues are the real saints and martyrs in the devotee.

Each virtue brings its own Grace or anointing from the Spirit for the benefit of the mature intellect to give it a "human-meaning through experience (ie. action), eg. joy, insight, surrender, purification, healing, detachment etc. whereas, Mother Nature obtains a Divine meaning when she gives birth to the Divine Will.

One or two of these virtues are not enough to build the holy temple, they must all be there to complete its foundation of Love in the mirrored-heart.

The ultimate purpose of every intellect is to enter into the eternal embrace of Divine Love by witnessing the deep passion of the Son for His Good Father and as the Divine Will is fully manifested in the seeker, He will lead the witnessing intellect into a holy sacrifice which involves its own son (ego).

The method for this has been already described in other sections of the book, however, the "deep adoration" felt in our hearts, minds, souls is all consuming. It is a final purificatory rite and should be seen to be the expression of the Divine Will, Christ which has been reformed/manifested within us.


This is why it is written: "Only the pure in heart, will see God," which certainly applied to Mary the mother of Jesus, as well. Enter that special temple with praise and thanksgiving, then with all that is in you worship the Lord of your heart:

"The walls of Her temple are called "Salvation" and its gates "Praise." Isaiah 60.18

The twelve tribes of Israel represent "the twelve portals or doors" of the holy Temple which will face towards the four quarters of the world and which, according to Revelation, "will be each composed of a single pearl." (Refer to the parable of the pearl). The twelve tribes will have the highest Spiritual Knowledge, to educate all the nations for they will be the priestly class of the Incarnated Lord and Messiah. These will not only be Israelis.


It has been foretold in Scripture that King David will lead this priestly class in the next golden age, under the sovereignty of the Lord: "My servant David shall become king over them and they will have One Shepherd." Ezekiel 37:24

Because of this high global-status, David knew what is planned for him and in this regard, a few Scriptural references have been included hereunder. The reader should remember that he referred to the Lord of Hosts (Holy Witness), as the Voice or the Right Arm of God, whereas His Hand is the Holy Spirit:

"Your Right Hand shall reach those that hate you; at your coming you shall plunge them into a fiery furnace; the Lord in His anger will strike them down and fire shall consume them. It will exterminate their offspring from the earth and rid mankind of their posterity." Psalm 21

"Every heart shall pray to thee in the hour of anxiety when great floods threaten." Psalm 3

"We are not afraid when the earth heaves and the mountains are hurled into the sea, nations are in tumult, kingdoms hurled down. The Lord of Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob our high stronghold." Psalm 46

"Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord." Psalm 118.25

"The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and His Anointed One." Psalm 2:1,2

"A people I never knew shall be my subjects, foreigners shall come cringing to me and makest me master of the nations." Psalm 18

"Kingly power belongs to the Lord and dominion over the nations is His. But I shall live for His sake, my posterity (future actions) shall serve Him." Psalm 22


Through the first man, Adam, all minds and hearts were corrupted and enslaved and through the death and resurrection of Jesus as the incarnated Word and Lord, all those who remain in the world after the "time of the end," are destined to share in His Glory when He returns.

He is already dwelling within many of you now at different stages of growth and you know it not: "For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. But each in his own turn: Christ the firstfruits." 1 Corinthians 15.22

Note: humans have existed in Adam who was corrupted and possessed by satanic ideologies, lusts and beliefs until Jesus Christ died for our sins and destroyed the works of the devil. Thereafter, in accepting Jesus as their personal Lord one receives the grace of salvation and is reborn in Him.



The Spiritual Banquet

"Many will come from the east and west, and will find a place at the banquet in the Kingdom of God." Matthew 8.11

The holy banquet from the perspective of the individual seeker consists of a diversity of spiritual foods that have been made available through the various spiritual-supermarkets of religion, creeds and philosophies, but have been cooked (clarified or explained) by Truth. The large array of delicious foods that will be on that table (mind), represent all the universal truths and powers made available to humanity by the Lord of lords, the King of kings.

Look at all the diverse types of breads and pastries that the essential ingredients of flour, sweetener and water can be changed-into, through the sole application of heat. Even the most unpalatable and wild fruits of human kind, can made wholesome with the addition of that Flour (Elisha).


Do not be surprised therefore, that large numbers of people of every faith will share in the blessings of the Lord in the golden age, for we are all His children, children of the One Truth, One Faith, One Spirit and One Living Being.

At that time, salvation will not be only for a few, but for everyone and this parallels the high state of the Son of God, when it is witnessed through grace that all things fall within Divine Love and nothing whatsoever can separate anyone from God's Love.

Jesus did not only die for Jews, therefore Christians should be prepared to die for any noble person! A parable in the Bible tells of various "affluent people" being invited to a bridal-party, but because of one reason or another, none of these people would attend. They disappointed the host immensely and were subsequently disregarded.

In their place, the "poor and afflicted" (in ego) found wandering the streets were asked to attend. These were the "strangers." These "prodigal children" were only too pleased to attended the gala festivities arranged by their long-lost "Father" and this parable therefore, specifically refers to the spiritual festivities that will follow the "time of the end."

One person came without the proper clothing and was bound and tossed out of the party. This means that the Lord's anointed devotee must be dressed in the appropriate bridal attire of righteousness and love, for after all, they are to be the bride of Christ. (Matthew 25)


The next golden age will be led by the Divine Incarnation Who will bring (or raise) 144,000 prophets and saints with him to teach and lead the survivors of every nation after the world's tribulation and this is similar to the birth of Krishna, which saw thousands of celestial beings taking-on human forms in order to be close to him.

"The Lamb was standing on Mount Zion and with him, 144,000 who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads. These are those that kept themselves pure, no lie was found in their mouths and are blameless." Revelation 14


Many noble souls will be reborn for this purpose and my feeling is, that many are already here, but, are not aware of their intended roles, until the Lord reappears.

The prophets are the Lord's apostles and will comprise of 12,000 people, from each of the twelve tribes of Israel and this does not mean that they will necessarily be Israelites:- "Those who are not my people I will call my people. Though the number of Israelites should be as the sands of the sea only the remnant will be saved." Romans 9.25

Scripture specifically names some of these prophets, for example, Joshua, the Queen of Sheba, Mohammed and David and in this regard. The Srimad Bhagavata names Devapi, brother of Santanu and Maru of Ikswaku's line and says that they will continue to live in Kalapa village (Badrinath) in India, until the Lord returns.

God talks to humanity through His chosen prophets and consequently, they remained pure and did not defile themselves like the common person when they appeared in the past. They will be coming back to help awaken all those who are still lost-in and oblivious-of their personal dreams.

They are golden vessels carrying the Living Waters, Named, "YAH" (YAOHU).

According to Scripture, some of these prophets will be reborn into a "secret colony" which has existed since the time of King Hoshea of Israel, when Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, took ten tribes of the Israelis into exile. These tribes have since been lost to Israel and according to the Koran, they have become other nations.

The Books of Chronicles and Kings supports that "the colony still remains in tact" but, says it was later moved to: "A distant land never yet inhabited by man, and there at last to be obedient to their laws." 2 Kings 18.32 adds support to their move: "I come and take you to a land like your own."


When they eventually return to Israel in the final days: "The Most High will dry-up the Euphrates River once again to let them cross." 2 Esdras 13.47. This section also says that anyone who is within the "sacred boundary" of that colony, will be protected from all the calamities that are to come upon the earth.


The anointed secret place

Realise once and for all that the 'secret place of the Most High' is a place of light (truth ie. in God's Word) and not of darkness (ignorance, error, worldly or natural logic and reason), it is a place where the river of anointing flows from the Anointed One (Christ) and our Heavenly Father into our natural lives.

We are meant to be translated progressively into His light as children of light through His manifest anointing.

Do not believe what you see in the outer world despite how difficult things may be, remain connected to the anointing through faith, prayer and worship and that state will become the focal point of your daily abidance in Lord Jesus through-out each day. He is our sustainer, keeper, healer and life giver.

He and His anointing are both within our own spiritual hearts this very minute. Our salvation is here today!

The Gospels (Luke) tell us that His kingdom is within us and therefore it behooves us to seek it within ourselves. "Seek ye the kingdom first and all things will be added unto you."

The kingdom is not in some outward place, (lo it is here or there) - so do not believe those deluded shepherds who put on a show of religion and can easily lead you astray in this regard, for they are the modern day Pharisees 'who refuse to enter into it and keep others from entering in.' They were described as being the children of Satan by our Lord!

Know that the 'Antichrist' really means "anti-anointing" for "Christ" means the "Anointed One." Jesus Christ came to die for our sins so that we could all share in His glory. The literal translation of Jesus in the Hebrew (Yeshua or Yaohushua) on the other hand means "I AM which saves." Jesus Christ therefore can be translated to mean "I AM which saves through the Holy Spirit's anointing."

Accordingly, it is important to recognise how much power the devil has had over all our religions throughout the centuries. Satan is completely helpless before the anointing of the Holy Ghost and that is what he seeks to hide from us.


Jesus is life and that life is the 'light of men' according to John. He is the light of every mind, all glory belongs to Him. That universal light (ie. of creation) is also the Divine Image in which man has been made (Genesis) and thus, it is the spiritual centre or heart in every man.

Think about this carefully, the fleshy heart is only matter and comes to an end through change as does all matter in creation; the emotional heart can only be felt with the aid of consciousness as do all other things eg. thoughts, perceptions, sensations, cognitions etc. and therefore, that light is really the life of all that we take ourselves to be. All that moves or functions in us including our minds does so, through and in the light of pure consciousness.

The Holy Spirit voiced through the apostle Paul: "All things are in Him." We are already in Him but need His grace to see this Divine Truth.


We know that to abide in the 'secret place of the Most High' is to be 'overshadowed by the Almighty' according to the Bible. This promise therefore provides us with a means or avenue to Salvation where the allurements of the world and the oppressions and yokes of self-conceit are completely negated by the Power of God.

If you couple this new state of living in the light, walking in the light etc. (which is really an abidance in the loving surrender to "Christ Jesus" the "Anointed One") then through the law of faith the 'infusion' of the anointing of the Holy Spirit will transpire into our hearts and minds to give birth to the Lord in our hearts and lives. I believe this is the inner meaning of Mary's immaculate conception.

What I believe will then occur is this: -the birth (or more precisely the resurrection) of the Lord is manifested in the believers new heart, mind and life. He or she will experience the divine birth of the 'firstborn in many brothers.' We are meant to be transformed into that very light (conscious-anointing) to become God's children of light, -Halleluyah!

"Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, blessed is the Kingdom that comes in the Name of the Lord." (Mark)

We enter into the secret place of the Law of the Spirit (anointing) in Christ Jesus (ie. Spirit Anointed One) and leave the law of sin and death through loving faith in 'God's Holy Name.' (refer Romans 8) Only then, can one come to 'know' God.

Psalm 91:9-10 says: "If you make the Most High your dwelling...then no evil will befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling."


This knowing is therefore not achieved by trying or struggling in effort, but by 'being completely still' as the Psalmist instructed us. The Book of Exodus 14:14 also instructs us in this manner, 'Be still and let the Lord fight for you.' It is by the complete surrender of (or the non identification with) the plank of ego that is in the 'eye of the mind' in each of us, that All-Truth surfaces. Give-up that traitor that sups with you.

After Jesus arose from the dead and before He went up to heaven He instructed His apostles to wait in Jerusalem until He 'empowered them from above by the Holy Spirit." As far as the individual is concerned, 'Jerusalem, the city of peace,' is an allegory for the believer's dedicated, pure and devoted heart. His offering that is to be consumed in the Holy Fire of the Most High's Spirit.

'All-Truth' ie. the Divine Truth that our 'Lord and God fills and is in all things' (Jeremiah), is to be made available to everyone for only that Spirit given Truth can set us free. The power of the anointing frees each of us who have been captivated all our lives, the yoke of evil from around our necks will be broken by it, the blind will be given sight etc. until 'wholeness' comes. This is not our idea of wholeness but what God sees for us.

Lord Jesus will shine forth from his believers in power, to convert the world through signs miracles and wonders. 



Accordingly, if there were one hundred and eight five or so countries in the world as a rough estimate at that time, it would mean that each country would have seven hundred and seventy seven prophets all empowered by the Holy Spirit; it will be a massive spiritual feast! Think about it!


"We who are still alive, who are left till the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep." 1 Thessalonians 4.15


Psalm 72 specifies that the West (Tarshish and the Isles), Arabia and Sheba (Yemen) will come to offer gifts and bring tribute to the Lord and that all kings shall pay Him homage, all nations shall serve Him.


It will be a garden paradise on earth where every resident can progress unhindered to enlightenment through the Word's Divine Power. The Koran (the Pilgrimage) says it this way: "God will make those who believe and do right enter into gardens beneath which rivers flow."


Every "intellect" must "realise" the Lord-Self within themselves:- "And I will name him (David) my First Born" Psalms 89.27

The "wise love child" is to merge-into and thereby share, in the Lord's Glory:- "Until the day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your hearts." 2 Peter 1:19


The weakened effects of ignorance (evil) will still be there in the golden age for a while, because believers will continue to see themselves as being separate to their Lord. He is to guide everyone on that final step into the Oneness of Divine Bliss (peace and joy) and He will use His anointed people to accomplish this. He will manifest His awesome power through them.

The Lord: "Must reign until He has put all His enemies under His Feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death." 1 Corinthians 15.25-28

At the end of the golden-age everything will be resolved-back into the Most High and the Koran (the Family of Imraan 42-55) says this as follows: "And I will place those who follow you (Jesus) above those who disbelieve to the day of resurrection: then you will all return to me."


The assertions of 2 Esdras 7.29 are similar:-"At the end of that time, my Son the Messiah shall die and so shall all mankind who draw breath." This section then tells us that after seven days "of the Creator," the age that is not yet awake shall be roused and the age that is corruptible shall die. All the "storehouses" of souls shall appear for a final and very decisive judgment.

There are many "everlasting or eternal realms in creation," our current historical age comprising of some 5-6 thousand years is but a tiny drop in eternity, this is why:

Our Lord lives from everlasting to everlasting and His Mercy is everlasting.