The author

Approximately twenty years ago I had a supernatural experience while I was calling on the holy Name of Jesus Christ, the Lord manifested His holy Presence next to me like an electrical force but with a human shape and as you can imagine, this incident was quite unexpected and caught me completely off-guard.

All the hairs on my arms, legs and head stood-on-end and although it was awesome to say the least, it was also very wonderful for Gentle Jesus is the truly the Prince of Peace.

The Lord came to convey to me: that He is very much alive and is present everywhere and is in all dimensions of time and space. His tomb is empty for He is risen. In short, He is in all things, at all times and is Life Itself. He is the life of our own lives and is within us!


After that time I found that the Lord had opened many spiritual doors for me or more specifically, I found that I was welcomed by different spiritual leaders of other creeds into their "secret inner circles of followers."

The period that then ensued was one of much learning, however, the memory of the experience with Lord Jesus was overshadowed and forgotten. Its memory did not resurface until the book entitled "Towards an Age of Enlightenment" was published and then, all those other religious doors were firmly shut behind me.

It was as though I had been led to collect some of the inherent spiritual sweeteners from the diverse religious plants in the world, which through the grace of the Holy Spirit, was to be blended to make a golden honey, a higher wisdom that is meant to be shared with humanity at this "time of the end." Through this work, I am being faithful, to that Will and my small ministry is led entirely by faith. 

Two prophetic books were subsequently written entitled: "Towards an Age of Enlightenment" and "Children of the Promise" and these were published in Sept. 1997 and April 1998 by The Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK), in Delhi, India.

As a result of my past experiences, I carry a burden for peoples of all religions who do not have 'any knowledge' of Lord Jesus, nor do they believe that it is possible to know our Lord and God personally. Some of these souls are continually struggling and searching for deep spiritual answers like I once was believing that the One Living God of us all, is far beyond the reach of the human heart. They: 'have a love for truth and thus can be saved.' 2 Thessalonians 2:10

The majority of people in the world 'casually believe' in a 'concept' of the One Living God and Creator of all, but very few 'know' Him, nor have they sought to have a direct encounter with Him. This type of belief is at best very shaky and does not amount to more than a tolerance or an acceptance of a particular religion as part of a social norm. It is written: 'the demons and devils also believe in God, but they tremble at hearing His Glorious Name.' 

My different works are clearly not about promoting any religion but rather about sharing with people, on how to commune and know our Loving Living Lord intimately. This can be done on an on-going basis while we are still on this earth; thereby allowing Him to work in us both to Will and do His good pleasure," (Philippians 2:13). Second Corinthians 6:16 says: "I will dwell in them and walk (act, think, feel, will) in them and they shall be My people."

I am here to tell you 'that a personal encounter with our Lord' is certainly very possible, for it is also what He seeks with each of us. He loves us so immensely and wants to express His joy, love, wisdom in us so that His righteousness can reach out to other souls as well!

In the Old Testament days only prophets, priests and kings were able to be anointed by the Holy Ghost and He came upon them (ie. like a mantle or covering), however, with the death of Jesus the veil to the inner sanctuary known as the 'Holy of Holies' was rendered in two and now believers can enter into the Lord's awesome Presence and Grace through His redeeming Blood. Our works could never do this no matter how good we may have thought them to be. Halleluyah!

Now the precious Holy Spirit enters into hearts of believers to abide there for evermore to take them from glory to glory!


The religions and philosophies of the world are generally accounts of 'that one faith in men seeking the Truth of Father God, the Creator of us all' and contain records of supernatural visions, inspirations, revelations and truths received from the Spirit of the Lord by the different 'seers' of the different creeds, for the guidance of humanity. In ancient times 'prophets' were known as 'seers' according to the Old Testament.

Basically, the religions of the world are centred on 'man reaching out to his God' and God responding to mankind through the mouths and lives of His servants. I believe our All Compassionate Lord and God has spoken to many other races and peoples over the course of their respective histories and at times has even raised 'seers' from within their own traditions to lead their people into repentance and truth.

The prophets of Judaism are widely known in Christendom for they also foretold of the coming and the glory of Lord Jesus, however Prophet Mohammed was a light of righteousness to the Arab nations as Buddha was to the East etc. It is important to note that no real prophet or seer seeks to be worshipped as a god or as God and this is certainly the case with all these gifted individuals.

On the other hand, 'in Christianity our Lord and God compassionately reaches out to mankind in the human form of Jesus of Nazareth'. Jesus is the 'manifestation of our heavenly Father's Grace for humanity, He is the 'branch' of Divine Love manifested in the world as one of us. He died for all us sinners and rose from the dead triumphantly to provide us with the hope of eternal life. He will soon return again on this earth but in the mean time, He seeks to be resurrected in you. Halleluyah!

Our God does not want to commune with us through 'any religion' with its countless peculiar man made laws, sacred cows and idols, these the devil has used through the many traditions to achieve his own ends and to distort the purports in the Word of God. Through religion he has often-misdirected peoples' faith and their 'original or first love' back into the world and onto things of the flesh.

Our Lord God seeks sincerity of purpose in all repentant hearts that earnestly seek Him, before He discloses the Divine Nature of His Son to any individual. This is why it is written in John 6:44-5: "No man can come to Me (Christ) except the Father which has sent me, draws him;"..."Every man that hath heard and hath learnt of the Father, cometh to Me."

People of other faiths that have fervently worshipped God our Father will be directed to His Glorious Son! We who call ourselves 'Christians' should therefore recognise their need and not confuse their old forms of worship which were directed to the One Living God with the abominable practices described in the Old Testament eg. divination, sorcery, witchcraft, consultations through familiar spirits, horoscopes, fortune telling, tarot cards, idolatry etc. for all these are tools of the devil.

It is imperative that these people know of their personal Saviour named 'Christ Jesus' and His Kingdom for in this age, His Name has been exalted above every other name. It is written 'only through Him can we gain salvation.'

The Son of God is the manifest Presence of God in us, ie. the anointed or Spirit-filled Image of the Father in which we have all been made. That is why the Lord is called 'Emmanuel' (God is with us). It is through the Spirit of the Lord's Presence in us, that we can know our Heavenly Father for they are One. - Halleluyah!


This wisdom is not my own, all glory for that must go to the Holy Spirit for what He has shown me. It surfaced over long periods of time often bringing its own special anointing of peace which in Christian terminology a wine that brings on 'spiritual drunkenness.'

My work generally speaks to its readers in a 'Spirit of Reconciliation,' regardless of their different traditional or religious backgrounds, languages, customs, beliefs and positions in life for it does-so by proclaiming the Divine Light of Christ in creation and of course, in each of person as well, despite all their differences. It is therefore a testimony of Peace contained in the Christian Gospels and a proclamation of the 'One Faith' that was evidently there before the confusion of tongues, cultures etc. that originated at the time of Babel.

This unveiling is but another demonstration of the unconditional love, goodness and mercy of our Heavenly Father to His rebellious children in all parts of the world at this late hour in these 'end-times.'


May countless blessings be showered upon you by our Heavenly Father through His Holy Spirit, in Jesus' mighty Name. I pray that the Holy Spirit reveals or shows you what He has shown me, as you read through these pages.